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3 - Race Lengths

In this section, I mention the greyhound racing distances used in the United Kingdom and Ireland and explain how prefixes identify each distance. Please see British & Irish Greyhound Track Race Lengths.

Greyhound Race Distances

Greyhound Predictor Software lets you predict races over 3 lengths: 515 metres = 563 yards, 500 metres = 547 yards and 480 metres = 525 yards. Please select a race close to any of these distances to obtain the best predictions!

All race distances can be displayed in either metres or yards by selecting Options from the Main Menu. Alternatively, you can pre-set your own distance measurements by finding the Configuration Utility on your computer: (Start - Programs - Greyhound Predictor v2.0 - Configuration) as the default mode of your choice, each time you start up Greyhound Predictor only then will these settings be saved for you!

Basically there are four types of distances used in the United Kingdom. A raceform prefix (abbreviated letter) is always shown before the 'grade' to represent the distance of race: D = sprint races (2 bend racing), A = middle-distance races (4 bends), S = stayers races (6 bends) and E = marathon or extended races (8 bends or more). Please note: In Ireland they are slightly different ie: S = Sprint, A = Middle-Distance and D = Long Distance. Although 'prefixes' can vary from track to track!

By far the most common distance used for racing in England, Ireland & Scotland is 480 metres or 525 yards: Arc - (Swindon), Gold Cup - (Monmore), All England Cup - (Newcastle), Grand National - (Central Park), Irish Oaks and Gold Cup - (Shelbourne Park), Kirby Memorial - (Limerick), Laurels - (Curraheen Park), Produce Stakes - (Clonmel), Gold Cup - (Drumbo Park), Scottish Derby - (Shawfield) are all run over this standard trip.

In England one of the oldest 'sprint classics' is the Scurry Cup, first run at Clapton in 1928 over 400 yards until the track closed and it was transferred in 1974 to Slough over 434 metres / 475 yards and later in 1987 to Catford over 385 metres. In 2003/4 the race wasn't run until reinstated in 2005 at Perry Barr over 275 metres and is currently run at Belle Vue over 260 metres.

The Cesarewitch is one of the original classics, first held in 1928 at West Ham over 600 yards until in 1972 the event transferred to Belle Vue, Manchester over 880 yards, and was the first time a classic had been held in the North of England. In 1995 the GRA (Greyhound Racing Association) switched the venue to Catford run over 715 metres. In 2001 it moved to Oxford until it's closure in 2012 and is now run over 550 metres at Henlow. The longest marathon race held in England is the Ladbrokes 1048 held 21/02/17 at Crayford over 1048 metres!

In Ireland the 'premier sprint' is the Irish Sprint Cup run over 400 yards at Dundalk, which succeeded the National Sprint run over 325y at Newbridge. Famous Irish 'staying races' include the "Ted Hegarty" Night of Stars Marathon run over 850 yards - (Shelbourne Park), The Corn Cuchulainn run over 750 yards and the historic Track Bookmakers Open Marathon previously staged over 1010 yards at the recently closed Harold's Cross. Although, perhaps the longest race in Ireland is the TBO Marathon held at Thurles over 1035 yards!

In Australia there are two types of race lengths: Sprint = all races up to and including 564 metres, and Distance = all races over 565 metres or further.

The positioning of the starting traps is very important as regular races take place where the runners are only afforded a 'short run' to the first corner. Frequently races result in first bend trouble due to the distinct lack of 'racing room' and therefore will always be a little more difficult to predict!

The greyhound form statistic length of race? is found in the top right corner of each race heading.

Now select and enter one of the 3 distances.

You have now completed all the RACE-SET-UP questions and will be asked to answer a further set of 7 questions by again studying the form for each runner starting with trap one. Please select as before by highlighting any of the multiple choice answers and PRESS SPACEBAR to enter. Please note: race lengths, ages, weights and racetimes will require you to enter numerical answers by using the number digits on your keypad.

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