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2019 English Greyhound Results and Fixtures

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
05/01/19 Ladbrokes Winter Festial 480 Puppy Monmore 480m Derrygraph Nick Lawrence Tuffin (Notts) 28.73s
05/01/19 Ladbrokes Winter Festial 480 Monmore 480m Savana Floyd Diane Henry (Henlow) 28.63s
05/01/19 Ladbrokes Winter Festial 480 Monmore 480m Overandout Steve Howard (Unatt) 28.42s
05/01/19 Ladbrokes Winter Festial 630 Monmore 630m Classy Bandit Paul Sallis (Monmore) 38.98s
05/01/19 Ladbrokes Winter Festial 684 Monmore 684m Token Memory Ian Bradford (Perry Barr) 41.49s
18/01/19 Coral Coronation Cup Romford 575m Desperado Dan Patrick Janssens (CPark) 35.27s
23/02/19 Chief Ramsbottom Hurdle Crayford 380m (H) Lotties Rocket Dave Lee (Crayford) 24.02s
23/02/19 Peter Bussey Memorial Trophy Crayford 540m Droopys Noodle Dean Childs (Crayford) 33.84s
23/02/19 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket Final Crayford 714m Stardom Heather Dimmock (Hen) 45.27s
23/02/19 Ladbrokes 1048 Crayford 1048m Aayamza Breeze Mark Wallis (Henlow) 68.87s
02/03/19 Racing Post Juvenile (IV) Sheffield 500m Seaglass Phantom Patrick Janssens (CPark) 28.60s
03/03/19 2019 Springbok Final Central Park 480m (H) Burgess Brandy Ricky Holloway (CPark) 29.67s
07/03/19 Coral Winter Derby Hove 490m King Turbo Liz McNair (Central Park) 28.46s
10/03/19 Greyhound Star Marathon Henlow 870m Goldies Hotspur Patrick Janssens (CPark) 55.94s
15/03/19 Coral Golden Sprint Romford 400m Union Jack Jean Liles (Romford) 24.04s
16/03/19 2019 Ladbrokes Puppy Derby Monmore 480m Troy Zico David Mullins (Romford) 28.94s
17/03/19 Maiden Gold Cup Henlow 550m Roxholme Butt Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 33.74s
23/03/19 RPGTV Steel City Cup Sheffield 500m Roxholme Nidge Hayley Keightley (Donc) 28.53s
30/03/19 Ladbrokes Rose Bowl Final Crayford 380m Sleepy Genie Dave Puddy (Harlow) 23.29s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festival 264 Monmore 264m Geelow Brezza Carl Perry (Sheffield) 15.34s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festival 264 Monmore 264m Skyfall Venom Paul Sallis (Monmore) 15.36s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festial 416 Monmore 416m Stringer Bell Carol Grasso (Henlow) 24.77s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festial Puppy Monmore 480m Tommys Control Steve Ralph (Monmore) 28.62s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festial Puppy Monmore 480m Seeglass Tiger Patrick Janssens (CPark 28.25s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festial Dogs Monmore 480m Sporting Dave Seamus Cahill (Hove) 28.06s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festial Dogs Monmore 480m Droopys Gold Seamus Cahill (Hove) 28.36s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festial Bitches Monmore 480m Geelo Blissful Carl Perry (Sheffield) 27.91s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festial Maiden Monmore 480m Ruttman Dynamo Paul Sallis (Monmore) 28.48s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festial 630 Monmore 630m Headford Maurice Kevin Boon (Yarmouth) 37.55s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festial Maiden Monmore 630m Keeperhill Abbie Chris Akers (Notts) 38.10s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festial 684 Monmore 684m Sheldan Kevin Boon (Yarmouth) 41.43s
30/03/19 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festial 835 Monmore 835m Droopys Gina Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 51.30s
31/03/19 5th Kent Silver Salver Central Park 265m Magical Houdini Patrick Janssens (CPark) 16.16s
31/03/19 Carling Queen Mother Memorial Cup Sheffield 660m Stardom Heather Dimmock (Hen) 39.40s
06/04/19 Gain GTA Trainers' Championship Sheffield varied winner Angela Harrison (Newc)  
13/04/19 Ladbrokes Spring Festival 264 Monmore 264m Double Or Quits Pat Doocey (Perry Barr) 15.52s
13/04/19 Ladbrokes Spring Festival 416 Monmore 416 Brinkleys Rosie Mark Wallis (Henlow) 24.78s
13/04/19 Ladbrokes Spring Festival 480 Monmore 480m Moorstone Duke Sandra Ralph (Monmore) 28.75s
13/04/19 Ladbrokes Spring Festival 480 Monmore 480 Savana Mist Diane Henry (Henlow) 28.57s
13/04/19 Ladbrokes Spring Festival 480 Maiden Monmore 480 Mash Mad Sydney Ben Mcbride (Monmore) 28.66s
13/04/19 Ladbrokes Spring Festival 630 Monmore 630m Emers Mist Anthony Tuffin (Henlow) 38.13s
13/04/19 Ladbrokes Spring Festival 630 Monmore 630m Sidarian Blu Jay Chris Akers (Notts) 38.57s
13/04/19 BGBF Puppy Cup Sheffield 500m Romeo Ruben John Mullins (Yarmouth) 28.95s
14/04/19 Bunny Gold Cup Henlow 550m Chubbys Caviar Mark Wallis (Henlow) 33.88s
14/04/19 Calne Racing Sprint Poole 250m Spitfire Rocket Terry Kibble (Swindon) 15.06s
14/04/19 Southwest Vehicle Auctions Puppy Trophy Poole 450m General James June Harvey (Hove) 27.41s
14/04/19 RPGTV Golden Crest Final Poole 450m King Elvis Liz McNair (CPark) 26.70s
14/04/19 Jem Racing Standard Poole 450m Ower Boy Bullet June Harvey (Hove) 26.74s
14/04/19 Kennett Racing Stayers Cup Poole 640m Mottos Moon Jamie Kingsley (Hove) 39.29s
25/04/19 Coral Regency Final Hove 695m      
27/04/19 RPGTV SCOTTISH DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL Shawfield 480m      
27/04/19 RPGTV SCOTTISH DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL Shawfield 480m      
28/04/19 John Smith's Grand National Central Park 480m (H)      
30/04/19 Bresmed Northern Sprint Final Sheffield 280m      
04/05/19 RPGTV Sprint Shawfield 300m      
04/05/19 RPGTV Puppy Final Shawfield 480m      
04/05/19 RPGTV Standard Shawfield 480m      
04/05/19 2019 RPGTV SCOTTISH DERBY FINAL Shawfield 480m      
04/05/19 RPGTV 500 Shawfield 500m      
05/05/19 Maiden Derby Henlow 460m      
15/06/19 ENGLISH DERBY 1st 1/4 FINAL Nottingham 500m      
15/06/19 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd 1/4 FINAL Nottingham 500m      
15/06/19 ENGLISH DERBY 3rd 1/4 FINAL Nottingham 500m      
15/06/19 ENGLISH DERBY 4th 1/4 FINAL Nottingham 500m      
22/06/19 ENGLISH DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL Nottingham 500m      
22/06/19 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL Nottingham 500m      
29/06/19 Bresmed Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m      
29/06/19 The JPW Cup Nottingham 480m      
29/06/19 Farloe Verdict Puppy Tophy Nottingham 480m      
29/06/19 Star Sports Seniors Trophy Nottingham 480m      
29/06/19 Aston Lark Trophy Nottingham 480m      
29/06/19 RPGTV Puppy Cup Nottingham 500m      
29/06/19 RPGTV Derby Plate Nottingham 500m      
29/06/19 The English Derby Oaks Nottingham 500m      
29/06/19 Star Sports British Bred Trophy Nottingham 500m      
29/06/19 2019 ENGLISH DERBY FINAL Nottingham 500m      
29/06/19 Terry Corden Memorial Anglo-Irish Trophy Nottingham 500m      
29/06/19 Rising Brandy Invitation Trophy Nottingham 500m      
29/06/19 RPGTV Stayers Cup Nottingham 680m      
29/06/19 Star Sports Super Stayers Nottingham 730m      
29/06/19 Star Sports Dorando Marathon Nottingham 905m      
xx/xx/19 Blue Riband Henlow 460m      
xx/xx/19 SIS Sprint Trophy Doncaster 275m      
xx/xx/19 SIS Puppy Trophy Doncaster 450m      
xx/xx/19 Dennis & Mable Scarborough Memorial Nottingham 680m      
xx/xx/19 Sue Fradgley Memorial Kinsley 268m      
xx/xx/19 Betfred Gymcrack Final Kinsley 462m      
xx/xx/19 Ladbrokes Sprint Trophy Final Crayford 380m      
xx/06/19 Ladbrokes 540 Trophy Crayford 540m      
xx/06/19 Coors Light Puppy Trophy Nottingham 500m      
xx/06/19 Carling Black Fruits Trophy Nottingham 500m      
xx/06/19 British Bred St Leger Central Park 642m      
xx/06/19 Bedfordshire Mini Derby Henlow 428m      
xx/06/19 Ladbrokes Gold Collar Final Crayford 540m      
xx/06/19 BGBF Sprint Trophy Harlow 238m      
xx/06/19 Coral Sprint Final Hove 285m      
xx/07/19 RPGTV Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m      
xx/07/19 RPGTV Select Stakes Nottingham 500m      
xx/07/19 Festival Flyer Sunderland 261m      
xx/07/19 Classic Sunderland 450m      
xx/07/19 Grand Prix Sunderland 645m      
xx/07/19 73rd British Bred Produce Stakes Swindon 480m      
xx/07/19 Produce Final Night 509er Stakes Swindon 509m      
xx/07/19 William Hill Puppy Plate Sunderland 450m      
xx/07/19 Summer Festival Sprint Crayford 380m      
xx/07/19 Ladbrokes Kent National Hurdle Crayford 380m (H)      
xx/07/19 Summer Festival Stakes Crayford 540m      
xx/07/19 Ladbrokes Kent Cesarewitch Crayford 874m      
xx/08/19 Coral Sprint Trophy Hove 285m      
xx/08/19 Coral Maiden Sprint Hove 285m      
xx/08/19 Coral Ladies Trophy Hove 515m      
xx/08/19 Coral Sussex Cup - Final Hove 515m      
xx/08/19 Coral Sussex Cup Stayers Hove 695m      
xx/08/19 Greene King IPA Sprint Yarmouth 277m      
xx/08/19 Greene King IPA E A Challenge Yarmouth 462m      
xx/08/19 Greene King IPA Stayers Yarmouth 659m      
xx/08/19 Greene King IPA Marathon Yarmouth 843m      
xx/08/19 Sprint Newcastle 290m      
xx/08/19 Northern Puppy Derby Newcastle 480m      
xx/08/19 Angel Of The North Oaks Newcastle 480m      
xx/08/19 Marathon Newcastle 895m      
xx/08/19 Ladbrokes Summer Stayers Classic Monmore 630m      
xx/xx/19 Coral Essex Vase Romford 575m      
xx/08/19 Doug Tyler Summer Cup Romford 575m      
xx/08/19 Ladbrokes Summer Festival Sprint Crayford 380m      
xx/08/19 Ladbrokes Guys & Dolls Final Crayford 380m      
xx/08/19 Ladbrokes Summer Festival Hurdle Crayford 380m (H)      
xx/08/19 Summer Festival Maiden Stakes Crayford 540m      
xx/08/19 Summer Festival Ladies Stakes Crayford 540m      
xx/08/19 Ladbrokes Dual Distance Hurdle Trophy Crayford 540m (H)      
xx/08/19 Ladbrokes 268 Monmore 268m      
xx/08/19 Ladbrokes 480 Monmore 480m      
xx/08/19 Ladbrokes Gold Cup Monmore 480m      
xx/08/19 Ladbrokes 684 Monmore 684m      
xx/08/19 SR Transport Sprint Trophy Pelaw Grange 245m      
xx/08/19 SR Transport Puppy Trophy Pelaw Grange 435m      
xx/08/19 IPA Fabrications Bitch Trophy Pelaw Grange 435m      
xx/08/19 SR Transport Jimmy Roberts Memorial Pelaw Grange 435m      
xx/08/19 SR Transport Stayers Trophy Pelaw Grange 590m      
xx/08/19 Greyhound Media Puppy Classic Final Nottingham 500m      
xx/08/19 Greyhound Media Super Stayers Trophy Nottingham 730m      
xx/08/19 Champions Night Standard Final Romford 400m      
xx/08/19 Champions Night Maiden Stayers Final Romford 575m      
xx/08/19 Coral Champion Stakes Final Romford 575m      
xx/09/19 Doncaster 450 Final Doncaster 450m      
xx/09/19 GMG Three Steps To Victory Sheffield 660m      
xx/09/19 Bedfordshire Sprint Henlow 277m      
xx/09/19 MSCM Limited Puppy Trophy Nottingham 480m      
xx/09/19 MSCM Lowther Stakes (Bitches) Nottingham 480m      
xx/09/19 Bapp Group Of Companies Scurry Cup Belle Vue 260m      
xx/09/19 BAPP Group Northern Flat Championship Belle Vue 470m      
xx/09/19 J&K Coach Tours Kent St Leger Crayford 714m      
xx/09/19 Greene King IPA Sprint Yarmouth 277m      
xx/09/19 RPGTV 73rd EAD Invitation Yarmouth 462m      
xx/09/19 RPGTV 73rd East Anglian Derby - Final Yarmouth 462m      
xx/09/19 Derrick Burridge Trophies - Derby Purse Yarmouth 659m      
xx/09/19 RPGTV EA Derby Marathon Yarmouth 843m      
xx/09/19 Trafalgar Cup Monmore 480m      
xx/09/19 Summer Maiden Cup Henlow 550m      
xx/10/19 September Sprint Trophy Harlow 238m      
xx/10/19 Eden The Kid At Stud Young Guns Central Park 480m      
xx/10/19 Kent County Hurdle Central Park 480m (H)      
xx/10/19 Ladbrokes Kent Derby Central Park 480m      
xx/10/19 Dunham Greyhound Centre 450 Doncaster 450m      
xx/10/19 BGBF British Bred Oaks Doncaster 483m      
xx/10/19 SIS Yorkshire St Leger Doncaster 661m      
xx/10/19 Watson Family Marathon Doncaster 890m      
xx/10/19 Puppy Final Newcastle 480m      
xx/10/19 All England Cup Newcastle 480m      
xx/10/19 Great North Run Newcastle 670m      
xx/10/19 Mitch Millward Memorial Trophy Romford 750m      
xx/10/19 Derby Dash Henlow 277m      
xx/10/19 The Hawk Henlow Derby Henlow 460m      
xx/10/19 British Breeders Stakes Nottingham 500m      
xx/11/19 Coral Brighton Belle Hove 515m      
xx/11/19 Maiden Stayers Trophy Crayford 714m      
xx/12/19 S&D Bookmakers Sprint Peterborough 250m      
xx/11/19 Allan Speechley Fengate Collar Peterborough 435m      
xx/12/19 Invitation Race (IV) Peterborough 435m      
xx/12/19 S&D Stayers Trophy Peterborough 620m      
xx/12/19 AJ Speechley Electrical Marathon Peterborough 805m      
xx/11/19 Ladbrokes Guys & Dolls Trophy Crayford 540m      
xx/11/19 Brinkleys Poet @ Stud Stakes Kinsley 462m      
xx/11/19 Ladbrokes Autumn Hurdle Trophy Crayford 380m (H)      
xx/11/19 RPGTV 2019 St Leger Perry Barr 710m      
xx/11/19 MSCM Ltd Bedfordshire Oaks Henlow 460m      
xx/11/19 Coral Puppy Cup Romford 400m      
xx/11/19 MSCM Limited Eclipse Stakes Nottingham 500m      
xx/12/19 Droopys Nidge @ Stud Trophy Shawfield 500m      
xx/12/19 Jimmy Jupp National Hurdle Hove 515m (H)      
xx/12/19 Ballyregan Bob Memorial Trophy Hove 695m      
xx/12/19 Coral Essex Vase Romford 575m      
xx/12/19 TV Trophy Crayford 874m      
xx/12/19 BGBF British Bred Derby Sheffield 500m      
xx/12/19 Sussex Puppy Trophy Hove 515m      
xx/12/19 Conlan Family / Pinpoint Laurels Newcastle 480m      
xx/12/19 Mark Lennox Memorial Newcastle 480m      
xx/12/19 2019 English Puppy Derby Henlow 460m      
xx/12/19 LPS National Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m      
xx/12/19 2019 English Oaks Swindon 480m      
xx/12/19 Magical Bale @ Stud Stakes Swindon 685m      
26/12/19 Bob Holmes Memorial Sheffield 500m      
26/12/19 Ryan Holmes Puppy Cup Sheffield 500m      
26/12/19 Harry Holmes Memorial Sheffield 660m      
26/12/19 Boxing Day Chase Central Park 480m (H)      
26/12/19 Carlsberg Boxing Day Marathon Crayford 874m      
xx/12/19 Coral Greyhound Olympic Final Hove 515m      

2019 Irish Greyhound Results and Fixtures

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer Win Time
11/01/19 DGBOA Gold Collar (A1) Final Shelbourne Park 550y Brides Honey Ollie Bray 30.06s
12/01/19 Shelbourne Whatsapp Group Open Final Shelbourne Park 525y Priceless Blake Paul Hennessy 28.48s
12/01/19 All About Ya Open Unraced Stake Waterford 525y Grangeview Ben Michael Hogan 28.81s
02/02/19 Dublin Coach (A1/A2) Bitch Final Shelbourne Park 525y Droopys Chimes Willie Connolly (NI) 28.66s
04/02/19 Suirview Kennels Open Bitch 525 Clonmel Festival 525y Ballydoyle Grace Graham Holand 28.93s
04/02/19 Greyhound Store A3/A4 Guys & Dolls Stake Clonmel 525y Sauron Paraic Cambion 29.11s
04/02/19 Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Final Clonmel 525y Fainne Chiarrai Karol Ramsbottom 29.47s
04/02/19 Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Consolation Clonmel 525y Bay Rebel Declan Byrne 29.19s
04/02/19 The Sporting Press (A1/A2) Stake Final Clonmel 550y Ranchers Boss Patrick Barrett 30.20s
09/02/19 Dublin Coach (A3) Limerick 525y KIllaheen Queen Fintan McNamara 29.09s
09/02/19 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Shelbourne Park 525y Music Toour Ears Pat Guilfoyle 28.33s
09/02/19 Boylesports Open 550 Shelbourne Park 550y Slippy Cian Graham Holland 29.33s
15/02/19 Pat Dunne Track Vet Open Unraced Kilkenny 525y Slaneyside Issy Sean Dooley 29.44s
15/02/19 Sizzler Deal Open Unraced Newbridge 525y Forest Neil Paddy Kehoe 29.10s
16/02/19 Bobby Hickson Memorial (A5) Tralee 525y Galken Thomas Kennedy 29.71s
22/02/19 Galway Stadium Open Unraced Galway 350y Bumblebee Adam Paul Burke 19.01s
22/02/19 Galway Stadium Open Unraced Galway 525y Claregalway Lad Patrick Guilfoyle 29.14s
23/02/19 Limerick Sales May 14th Open Unraced 350 Limerick 350y Enas Due O-L-Syndicate 19.01s
23/02/19 Blastoff Open Unraced Limerick 525y Blackfield Van William Kirwan Jnr 28.76s
23/02/19 Ocean Kennels Open 525 Limerick 525y StoneparkWarrior M O'Donovan 28.67s
23/02/19 Mike O'Dwyer Motors Open 600 Limerick 600y DoggyMcDogface Declan Byrne 32.50s
23/02/19 TSC Open Unraced Stake Final Thurles Park 525y Ballinure Abby Kevin Loughnane 29.07s
02/03/19 Red Mills & TSC Champion Bitch Stake Thurles Park 525y No Recollection Oliver Bray 29.18s
02/03/19 The Gain Cup (A1) Curraheen Park 525y Mumhan Express Denis Fitzgerald 29.05s
08/03/19 Insurances Juvenile Classic Tralee 525y Toolmaker Daddy Robert Gleeson 28.40s
09/03/19 Red Mills Open Novice Stake Final Thurles Park 525y Cabra Eva Paul Scally 29.10s
09/03/19 Ladbrokes Mini Open Shelbourne Park 525y Frisky Leader B Mullan (NI) 28.57s
09/03/19 Ladbrokes Easter Cup Shelbourne Park 550y Clona Blaze Graham Holland 29.37s
09/03/19 Plunkett Devlin Celebratio Open 600 Shelbourne Park 600y Skywalker Logan Patrick Guilfoyle 32.30s
09/03/19 Bookmakers A4/A5 Tri Distance Final Lifford 575y Lisdhu Gem Michael Feeney 32.61s
10/03/19 Open Unraced 300 Final Clonmel 300y Showtime Diva Derek Loughnane 16.50s
10/03/19 Killee Town Open Unraced Stake Clonmel 525y Tree Top Danny Graham Holland 29.26s
10/03/19 Killee Town Unraced Consolation (A2) Clonmel 525y Serene Joey Ed Ryan 30.12s
22/03/19 Red Mills & NTSC Open Unraced Bitch Newbridge 525y Azzabi T O'Donovan 28.66s
23/03/19 Airmount Kennels 525 Final (A4) Waterford 525y High St Suzie Emma Watters 29.15s
24/03/19 The Spring A1/A2 Stakes Clonmel 550y Clonbrien Swift Graham Holland 29.59s TR
29/03/19 Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Dundalk 400y Ardnasool Jet Cathal McGee 20.97s
29/03/19 Jonathan McKenna Novice Open Unraced Dundalk 525y Kokoda Laurence Jones 29.29s
30/03/19 Two Wheel Training Cork Oaks Curraheen Park 525y Boylesports Joy Paul Hennessey 28.57s
30/03/19 Gain Record Breaker Shelbourne Park 350y MonbegMeDaddy Gearoid Doyle 18.79s
30/03/19 Gain Greyhound Nutrition Open 600 Shelbourne Park 600y Clonbrien Prince Graham Holland 32.24s
06/04/19 Bumblebee Kyne Loves Racing (A7) Galway 525y Bumblebee Ghost Paul Burke 29.15s
06/04/19 Martin Fahy Hall Of Fame (A1) Galway 525y Palmtree Star Brian Johnson 29.05s
06/04/19 Gain Greyhound Nutrition Open Unraced Waterford 525y Nans Jack Mary Whittle 28.72s
12/04/19 Kinloch Brae @ Stud A2 Final Kilkenny 525y Condor Judy Carole Shinkwin 29.35s
12/04/19 Frightful Flash Kennels McCalmont Cup (A1) Kilkenny 525y Skywalker Rafa M O'Donovan 28.87s
12/04/19 Paradise Maddison @ Stud Open Unraced Kilkenny 525y Music Master Murt Leahy 29.24s
12/04/19 TP Weadick Open 725 Kilkenny 725y Dolce Vita Frank Hickey 41.20s
12/04/19 Ballymac Kennels Coursing Bred Stakes Tralee 325y Ballymac Della Liam Dowling 18.10s
12/04/19 John & Mary Killeacle Dowling Memorial (A1) Tralee 570y Coolmore Blaze Patrick O'Rourke 31.27s
13/04/19 Fundraising at the Dogs Unraced Galway 525y Magical Cormie Patrick Guilfoyle 28.71s
20/04/19 Healthcare & Transport Services Puppy Oaks Shelbourne Park 550y Cracked Lady Peter Cronin 28.37s
20/04/19 Liam Murphy Memorial Trophy Shelbourne Park 525y RavenswoodHugo Gerard Barber 28.59s
20/04/19 Sword Security Open 350 Limerick 350y Rosbirr Ranger Chris Delaney 18.62s
20/04/19 Heaney Meats Open Unraced Limerick 525y Patterdale Lena Patrick Guilfoyle 28.59s
20/04/19 Limerick & Clare GOBA (A4) Final Limerick 525y Orlando Davy Susan Hayes 28.85s
20/04/19 Folyns Electrical(A1) Limerick 525y Rallying Saidso Neilus O'Connell 28.64s
20/04/19 Sean O'Connor Cup Limerick 525y Boynepark Woods Patrick Norris 28.96s
20/04/19 Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Limerick 525y Toolmaker Josie Robert Gleeson 28.37s
20/04/19 Roma Casino(A1) Limerick 575y Jirano Classic Johnny O'Sullivan 31.38s
25/04/19 April A2 Stake Enniscorthy 525y      
26/04/19 Limerick Oaks Limerick 525y      
26/04/19 Open 575 Limerick 575y      
26/04/19 Gain Dog Food & NTSC 550 Stake Newbridge 550y      
27/04/19 Greyhound & Pet World Super Sprint Curraheen Park 330y      
27/04/19 2019 Gain Feeds Select Stakes Waterford 525y      
29/04/19 Red Mills Easter Unraced Open Stake Enniscorthy 525y      
xx/xx/19 Kilcohan Park Open 730 Waterford 730y      
xx/xx/19 Longford Distance Night Grade (DD0-D1) Longford 805y      
xx/xx/19 Distance Night Grade (A2-A3) Novice Longford 805y      
11/05/19 2019 Larry Clancy Memorial Irish Cesarewitch Mullingar 600y      
11/05/19 Lee Strand 550 (A3) Tralee 550y      
18/05/19 Michael Tobin Memorial (A2) Limerick 525y      
24/05/19 Islandbridge Sprint Shelbourne Park 350y      
25/05/19 Larry O'Rourke Open 525 Curraheen Park 525y      
xx/05/19 Greyhound & Petworld Golden Muzzle Limerick 550y      
xx/05/19 The Peter Magnone Memorial Limerick 525y      
xx/05/19 Joe Dolan ICC Coursing Shelbourne Park 350y      
01/06/19 2019 Sporting Press Irish Oaks Shelbourne Park 525y      
09/06/19 Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes Clonmel 525y      
08/06/19 Sonny Butler Memorial (A4) Thurles Park 525y      
08/06/19 Kasco Open Unaced Stake Thurles Park 525y      
xx/06/19 Maurice & John Leahy Memorial (A7) Galway 525y      
xx/06/19 The Fawn Tango Open Unraced Enniscorthy 525y      
xx/06/19 Burgess Brandy Bitch Stake Enniscorthy 525y      
xx/06/19 Jaytee Jet @ Stud Open Unraced Shelbourne Park 525y      
xx/06/19 Vetsearch Guys & Dolls (A4) Limerick 525y      
12/06/19 Droopys Stud Champion A1 Stakes Youghal 550y      
14/06/19 Kerry GAA Supporters Race Of Champions Tralee 550y      
14/06/19 DGOBA Dublin Cup Shelbourne Park 550y      
21/06/19 Howard Wallace & Francie Murray Longford Derby Longford 550y      
22/06/19 Treaty Cup Limerick 550y      
29/06/19 Shelley Fennelly Memorial Bitch Stake Curraheen Park 525y      
05/07/19 Kingdom Derby Tralee 525y      
06/07/19 Treacy's Hotel Open Unraced Stake Waterford 525y      
06/07/19 Shelbourne Champion 550 Final Shelbourne Park 550y      
12/07/19 Marshes Dundalk International Dundalk 550y      
12/07/19 Kerry Group Hospital Stakes A2 Tralee 525y      
12/07/19 Kerry Group Club Championship Final (A3) Tralee 525y      
12/07/19 Connolly's Red Mills Cup Open 525 Kilkenny 525y      
12/07/19 The Hedgehunter Novice 725 Final Kilkenny 725y      
22/07/19 Munster Derby (A1) Clonmel 525y      
xx/07/19 Whitwood Open Unraced Enniscorthy 525y      
27/07/19 Boylesports Champion Stakes Shelbourne Park 550y      
31/07/19 Gain Record Breaker (A1/2) Galway (Festival) 525y      
31/07/19 Gain Feeds (A2) Final Galway 525y      
31/07/19 Flaherty Markets "Corrib Plate" (A6) Final Galway 525y      
31/07/19 FFK Sires Southern Oaks Youghal 525y      
03/08/19 James Horan Memorial Final (A3) Galway 525y      
03/08/19 Speedrite Senorita Dual Distance Final (A4) Limerick 525/550y      
03/08/19 Speedrite Senor Dual Distance Final (A4) Limerick 525/550y      
03/08/19 Limerick Stadium Tri-Distance A2 Final Limerick 550/600y      
03/08/19 Fresh Milk Tipperary Cup Thurles Park 525y      
09/08/19 Gain Dog Nutrition Corn Cuchulainn Shelbourne Park 750y      
xx/08/19 Speedrite Senorita/Senor Grand Final Limerick 550y      
14/08/19 Greyhound & Petworld A1 Stake (A1) Curraheen Park 525y      
14/08/19 Speedrite Rose Of Tralee (A4) Tralee 525y      
xx/xx/19 Droopys Stud Open 620 Dundalk 620y      
10/08/19 Red Mills Unraced 525 Stake Curraheen Park 525y      
07/09/19 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 1) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y      
07/09/19 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 2) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y      
07/09/19 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 3) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y      
07/09/19 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 4) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y      
08/09/19 Noel Ryan Tree Surgeon 525 Final Waterford 525y      
08/09/19 Paula Bergin Memorial & WTSC (A2) Waterford 575y      
14/09/19 Speedrite Dog Food Munster Oaks Waterford 525y      
14/09/19 Casey's Camping Park Open Unraced Waterford 525y      
14/09/19 Texacloth Juvenile Derby Newbridge 525y      
xx/xx/19 The Cox Cup A2/A3 Final Newbridge 550y      
14/09/19 Peter Magnone Memorial Stake (A3) Curraheen Park 525y      
14/09/19 Cambridgeshire Open Limerick 750y      
14/09/19 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y      
14/09/19 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y      
xx/09/19 Ballyregan Bob Memorial (A2) 600 Final Limerick 600y      
21/09/19 2019 BOYLESPORTS DERBY - FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y      
21/09/19 Boylesports Consolation Derby Shelbourne Park 550y      
21/09/19 Boylesports Irish Derby Plate Final Shelbourne Park 550y      
27/09/19 Droopys Stud Derby (A1) Kilkenny 525y      
xx/10/19 Grand Prize Enniscorthy 525y      
xx/10/19 Cork GOBA Past Presidents (A3) Curraheen Park 525y      
xx/10/19 Talk A Lot (N1/N2) Unraced Clonmel 525y      
xx/10/19 Kilsheean Gallop Unraced Final Clonmel 525y      
xx/10/19 Suirside Restaurant Open 750 Clonmel 750y      
xx/10/19 Mary Ramsbottom Memorial (A2) Kilkenny 525y      
xx/10/19 €11,000 Gain Dog Nutrition (A3) Kilkenny 525y      
18/10/19 The Ballyanne Sim (A1) Shelbourne Park 525y      
18/10/19 Dublin Coach Juvenile Derby Shelbourne Park 525y      
19/10/19 2019 Puppy Oaks Shelbourne Park 525y      
19/10/19 Irish Independent Irish Laurels Curraheen Park 525y      
01/11/19 Open Unraced Bitch Stake Clonmel 525y      
02/11/19 Agri Stores Fair Warrior Sprint Mullingar 400y      
02/11/19 Sonny & Mary Murtagh (A1/A2) Mullingar 525y      
xx/11/19 Boylesports Enniscorthy St leger (A1) Enniscorthy 550y      
04/11/19 Red Mills Future Champion Unraced Enniscorthy 525y      
04/11/19 Red Mills Future Champion Plate Final Enniscorthy 525y      
08/11/19 Michael Fitzpatrick Newbridge Oaks Newbridge 525y      
10/11/19 Munster Juvenile Cup Clonmel 525y      
23/11/19 Davy O'Brien Memorial Cork 525y      
23/11/19 Barking Buzz App Open Unraced (NO) Limerick 525y      
23/11/19 Limerick & Clare GOBA (A2) Final Limerick 525y      
23/11/19 Barking Buzz App Irish St Leger Limerick 550y      
29/11/19 Gold Collar Shelbourne Park 550y      
30/11/19 Night Of Stars Open 350 Shelbourne Park 350y      
30/11/19 Night Of Stars Open 525 Shelbourne Park 525y      
30/11/19 Night Of Stars Open Bitch 525 Shelbourne Park 525y      
30/11/19 Night Of Stars Open 550 Shelbourne Park 550y      
30/11/19 Night Of Stars Open 575 Shelbourne Park 575y      
30/11/19 Night Of Stars Open 600 Shelbourne Park 600y      
30/11/19 Night Of Stars Open 750 Shelbourne Park 750y      
30/11/19 Night Of Stars Open 850 Shelbourne Park 850y      
06/12/19 Kasco Southern Sprint Youghal 325y      
07/12/19 Irish Grand National TBC 525y (H)      
07/12/19 Comerford Cakes Open 350 Shelbourne Park 350y      
07/12/19 Comerford Cakes Open Puppy Stakes Shelbourne Park 525y      
13/12/19 Track Bookmakers Open Marathon Shelbourne Park 1010y      
14/12/19 Gain Dog Nutition Christmas Oaks Shelbourne Park 525y      
28/12/19 Open 575 Stake Curraheen Park 575y      

Disclaimer: All race information and fixture dates are subject to alterations and changes. Therefore no liability is taken in the accuracy of these results.