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2020 English Greyhound Results and Fixtures

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
04/01/20 Ladbrokes Winter Festival 264 Monmore 264m Lambeth Way Ernie Gaskin Jnr (Henlow) 15.51s
04/01/20 Ladbrokes Winter Festival 480 Monmore 480m Antigua Romeo Mark Wallis (Henlow) 27.96s
04/01/20 Ladbrokes Winter Festival 480 Monmore 480m Market Call Kim Billingham (Monmore) 27.97s
04/01/20 Ladbrokes Winter Festival 630 Monmore 630m Ridgedale Max Phil Simmonds (Romford) 37.91s
04/01/20 Ladbrokes Winter Festival 684 Monmore 684m Avastorm Mark Wallis (Henlow) 41.19s
17/01/20 Bill Harkness Memorial Race Romford 400m Ballymac Micko Jim Reynolds (Crayford) 23.87s
17/01/20 Coral Coronation Cup Romford 575m Antigua Rum Mark Wallis (Henlow) 35.06s
24/01/20 Peter O'Dowd Hall Of Fame Stakes Romford 225m Not So Lento David Mullins (Romford) 13.56s
24/01/20 Terry Duggan & Ken Linzell Hall Of Fame Romford 400m Loose Chips Mark Wallis (Henlow) 23.86s
24/01/20 Ernie Wiley Hall Of Fame Stakes Romford 400m Chilli Akimbo Paul Young (Romford) 23.94s
24/01/20 Archer Leggett Hall Of Fame Stakes Romford 400m Whizzy Time Paul Young (Romford) 24.00s
24/01/20 Linda Jones Hall Of Fame Stakes Romford 575m Sneezys Flo David Mullins (Romford) 35.79s
24/01/20 Michael John Ward Kelly Memorial Romford 750m Tulli Thrill Heather Dimmock (Henlow) 47.64s
25/01/20 Dink Luckhurst Hall Of Fame Stakes Crayford 540m Savanarubichanel Jimmy Bloomfield (Henlow) 33.92s
25/01/20 Peter Bussey Hall Of Fame Stakes Crayford 714m Micks Little Gem Michelle Brown (Henlow) 45.44s
25/01/20 Terry O'Sullivan Hall Of Fame Stakes Crayford 714m Passing Stranger Mark Wallis (Henlow) 45.53s
25/01/20 Doreen Walsh Hall Of Fame Stakes Hove 500m Jimmys Dreams Jamie Kingsley (Hove) 30.44s
25/01/20 George Curtis Hall Of Fame Stakes Hove 500m Dinner Omonia Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.38s
25/01/20 Peter Shotton Hall Of Fame Stakes Hove 500m Sporting Aisling Jason Heath (Hove) 30.45s
01/02/20 Ladbrokes Winter Festival 264 Monmore 264m Droopys Reel Angela Harrison (Newc) 15.06s
01/02/20 Ladbrokes Winter Festival 480 Monmore 480m Ballymac Miscula Kim Billingham (Monmore) 27.96s
01/02/20 Ladbrokes Winter Festival 630 Monmore 630m Roman Empire Ernie Gaskin Jnr (Henlow) 37.22s
01/02/20 Ladbrokes Winter Festival 684 Monmore 684m Roxholme Poppy Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 41.30s
15/02/20 Derek Knight Hall Of Fame (IV) Hove 500m Killeacle Gus Matt Dartnall (Hove) 29.08s
15/02/20 Coral Winter Derby Hove 500m Volcanic Reef Heather Dimmock (Henlow) 29.25s
21/02/20 Arena Racing Company Puppy Trophy Sunderland 450m Calzaghe Mint Ted Soppit (Newcastle) 27.00s
22/02/20 Peter Bussey Memorial Trophy Crayford 540m Goldies Symnsy Patrick Janssens (CPark) 33.87s
22/02/20 Chief Ramsbottom Hurdle Crayford 540m (H) Graveltrap Leon Julie Luckhurst (Crayford) 34.11s
22/02/20 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket - Final Crayford 714m Skilful Sandie Patrick Janssens (CPark) 44.87s
22/02/20 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket Marathon Crayford 874m Glassmoss Sis Mark Wallis (Henlow) 57.15s
22/02/20 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket 1048 Crayford 1048m Micks Little Gem Michelle Brown (Henlow) 69.24s
29/02/20 Racing Post Juvenile (IV) Sheffield 500m Ice On Fire Jimmy Fenwick (Newcastle) 29.21s
01/03/20 2020 Cearnsports Springbok - Final Central Park 480m (H) Burgess Doc Lee Field (Monmore) 30.06s
05/03/20 Coral Dual Distance Trophy Hove 500/515m Bockos Doomie Patrick Janssens (CPark) 30.06s
13/03/20 BGBF British Bred Maidens Final Romford 400m Go Pat Go Nathan Hunt (Romford) 24.21s
13/03/20 Coral Golden Sprint Romford 400m Goldies Hoddle Patrick Janssens (CPark) 23.86s
21/03/20 Ladbrokes Puppy Derby Monmore 480m Newinn Jacko Ernie Gaskin (Henlow) 28.72s
21/03/20 RPGTV Steel City Cup Sheffield 500m Headford Ranger Kevin Hutton (Monmore) 28.63s
24/03/20 RACING SUSPENDED          
01/06/20 GRADED RACING RESUMES          
14/06/20 Opening Meeting Invitation Race (IV) Towcester 500m Sparta Maestro Sharon Thompson (Henlow) 29.20s
28/06/20 The Distant Kennels Puppy Invitation (IV) Towcester 500m Easy Earner Frank Gray (Towcester) 29.91s
28/06/20 Brian Hill Memorial Stakes (IV) Towcester 500m Distant Village Matt Dartnall (Towcester) 29.93s
03/07/20 OPEN RACING RESUMES          
10/07/20 Chopchop Hope - Hall Of Fame Stakes Romford 400m Pantone Whisper David Mullins (Romford) 24.13s
10/07/20 RPGTV Welcome Back Open Racing 400 Romford 400m Aero Rackitup Nathan Hunt (Romford) 23.84s
10/07/20 RPGTV Welcome Back Open Racing 575 Romford 575m Itsur Mate Paul Young (Romford) 34.83s
19/07/20 Colossus Bets Silver Salver Central Park 265m Shrewd Call Dave Mullins (Romford) 16.12s
30/07/20 RPGTV Sprint Cup Newcastle 290m Swift Guard Stephen Atkinson (Newcastle) 16.80s
30/07/20 RPGTV Puppy Cup Newcastle 480m Droopys Delight Angela Harrison (Newcastle) 28.59s
30/07/20 RPGTV Angel Of The North Newcastle 480m Waltham Magic Angela Harrison (Newcastle) 28.28s
30/07/20 RPGTV All England Cup Newcastle 480m Bower Luke Patrick Rosney (Perry Barr) 28.23s
31/07/20 Doug Tyler Summer Cup Romford 575m Deanridge Kane Allison Kelly-Pilgrim (Crayford) 35.25s
01/08/20 Coral Sprint Trophy Hove 285m Shrewd Call David Mullins (Romford) 16.12s
01/08/20 Coral Bitches Dual Distance Hove 500/515m Bang On Annie Nathan Hunt (Romford) 30.47s
01/08/20 Coral Sussex Cup Hove 515m Bockos Doomie Patrick Janssens (CPark) 29.69s
01/08/20 Coral Regency Hove 695m Zascandil Kevin Boon (Towcester) 41.74s
01/08/20 Coral Marathon Hove 945m Three Ems Kevin Boon (Towcester) 58.54s
02/08/20 RPGTV Champion Hurdle Central Park 480m (H) Swift Loki James Turner (Crayford) 29.65s
24/08/20 BGBF British Bred Oaks Doncaster 483m Fearsome Encore Chris Akers (Sheffield) 29.58s
29/08/20 264 Monmore 264m Coolavanny Dylan Kirsty Grayson (Sheffield) 15.23s
29/08/20 480 Puppy Monmore 480m Holdem Lauren Carol Weatherall (Henlow) 28.33s
29/08/20 Ladbrokes Gold Cup Monmore 480m Gonzo Julie Bateson (Unattached) 28.31s
29/08/20 Ladbrokes Summer Stayers Classic Monmore 630m Kingsbrook Glyn Kevin Hutton (Monmore) 37.66s
29/08/20 684 Monmore 684m Southfield Code Kevin Hutton (Monmore) 41.11s
29/08/20 835 Monmore 835m Antigua Fire Mark Wallis (Henlow) 51.47s
16/09/20 Greene King IPA Sprint Yarmouth 277m Shrewd Call David Mullins (Romford) 16.29s
16/09/20 RPGTV 74th East Anglian Derby Final Yarmouth 462m Kilara Lion Patrick Janssens (CPark) 27.62s
16/09/20 Derby Purse - Grand Final Yarmouth 659m Sheldan Kevin Boon (Towcester) 40.44s
18/09/20 Coral Romford Puppy Cup Romford 400m Tenpin David Mullins (Romford) 23.71s
18/09/20 Coral Champion Stakes Romford 575m Smallmead John Mullins (Yarmouth) 34.92s
20/09/20 74th British Bred 2-Y-O Produce Stakes Swindon 476m Queen Jessiej Liz & Rab McNair (CPark) 27.95s
25/09/20 Guys & Dolls Final Romford 400m Melodys Secret Spencer Mavrias (CPark) 24.32s
25/09/20 Ladbrokes/Coral Cesarewitch Romford 925m Aayamza Royale Mark Wallis (Henlow) 59.35s
29/09/20 Brinkleys Poet At Stud Young Guns Sheffield 480m Blackstone Milo Ted Soppit (Newcastle) 27.48s
29/09/20 Gain Nutrition 3 Steps To Victory Sheffield 660m Roxholme Kristof Hayley Keightley (Sheffield) 38.57s
04/10/20 Brinkleys Poet At Stud Young Guns Central Park 480m Tenpin David Mullins (Romford) 29.60s
11/10/20 Henlow Maiden Derby Henlow 460m Roxholme Olaf Hayley Keightley (Sheffield) 27.02s
14/10/20 BGBF British Bred Scurry Harlow 415m Dundee June David Lewis (Swindon) 26.88s
15/10/20 BGBF British Bred Sprint Newcastle 290m Alnwick Alan Angela Harrison (Newcastle) 16.93s
15/10/20 BGBF Northern Maiden Standard Newcastle 480m Acomb Jenny Kevin Ferguson (Kinsley) 28.54s
17/10/20 Crayford Rose Bowl Crayford 380m Signature Callum Michelle Brown (Henlow) 23.43s
17/10/20 2020 Gold Collar Crayford 540m Desperate Dan Patrick Janssens (CPark) 33.64s
17/10/20 Hazard Syndicate Kent National Hurdle Crayford 540m (H) Roxholme Biscuit Ricky Holloway (CPark) 34.58s
17/10/20 Jay & Kay Tours Kent St Leger Crayford 714m Droopys Bird Simon Harms (Unattached) 45.51s
17/10/20 ENGLISH DERBY 1st 1/4 FINAL Nottingham 500m Wolfe Graham Holland (IRE) 29.47s
17/10/20 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd 1/4 FINAL Nottingham 500m Southwood Jet Richard Rees (Hove) 29.54s
17/10/20 ENGLISH DERBY 3rd 1/4 FINAL Nottingham 500m Smurfs Machine Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.49s
17/10/20 ENGLISH DERBY 4th 1/4 FINAL Nottingham 500m Knocknaboul Syd Pat Buckley (IRE) 29.49s
24/10/20 ENGLISH DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL Nottingham 500m Southwood Jet Richard Rees (Hove) 29.97s
24/10/20 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL Nottingham 500m Wolfe Graham Holland (IRE) 29.96s
31/10/20 Star Sports Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m Loggies Lito Simon Harms (Unattached) 17.66s
31/10/20 Star Sports Puppy Trophy Nottingham 480m Tenpin David Mullins (Romford) 28.67s
31/10/20 Star Sports Senior Trophy Nottingham 480m Kalamoun Chris Akers (Sheffield) 28.79s
31/10/20 RPGTV Puppy Trophy Final Nottingham 500m Ballydoyle Razor Phil Barlow (Sheffield) 30.01s
31/10/20 Westmead Legacy Natalie Savva Trophy Nottingham 500m Agincourt Xena Mark Wallis (Henlow) 29.69s
31/10/20 Star Sports Bet Ladies Trophy Nottingham 500m Coolavanny Bani Angela Harrison (Newcastle) 29.66s
31/10/20 The Arena Racing Company Trophy Nottingham 500m Gonzo Julie Bateson (Unattached) 29.61s
31/10/20 RPGTV Derby Plate Nottingham 500m Doolin Duke Pat Buckley (IRE) 29.21s
31/10/20 2020 ENGLISH DERBY FINAL Nottingham 500m Deerjet Sydney Pat Buckley (IRE) 29.38s
31/10/20 RPGTV Stayers Trophy Nottingham 680m Blue Tick George Jim Daly (Crayford) 41.30s
31/10/20 Truframe Champion Stayers Trophy Nottingham 730m Blue Mischief Richard Devenish (Towcester) 45.05s
31/10/20 Star Sports Dorando Marathon Nottingham 905m Affirmed Pat Doocey (Perry Barr) 56.92s
08/11/20 2020 Colossus Bets GRAND NATIONAL Central Park 480m (H) Roxholme Biscuit Ricky Holloway (CPark) 29.50s
23/11/20 BGBF British Bred Midlands Sprint Final Nottingham 305m King Drake Liz McNair (Central Park) 17.73s
23/11/20 BGBF British Breeders Stakes Nottingham 500m Queen Dolly Liz McNair (Central Park) 29.61s
26/11/20 Michael Lambe Memorial Birmingham Cup Perry Barr 480m Droopys Carat Angela Harrison (Newcastle) 28.74s
26/11/20 RPGTV 2020 English St Leger Perry Barr 710m Smallmead John Mullins (Yarmouth) 43.37s
29/11/20 Ladbrokes Kent Derby Central Park 480m Kilara Lion Patrick Janssens (CPark) 28.90s
04/12/20 Coral Essex Vase Romford 575m Kilmessen Puma David Mullins (Romford) 35.47s
04/12/20 Mitch Millward Marathon Romford 750m Micks Little Gem Michelle Brown (Henlow) 47.51s
15/12/20 BGBF British Bred Derby Sheffield 500m Elderberry Sky Patricia Cowdrill (Monmore) 28.74s
18/12/20 2020 StarSports English Puppy Derby Towcester 500m Surprising Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.35s
19/12/20 Coral Brighton Belle Hove 515m Droopys Aoife Ernie Gaskin (Unattached) 31.48s
19/12/20 Coral Greyhound Olympic Hove 515m Newin Jacko Ernie Gaskin (Unattached) 31.43s
19/12/20 Ballyregan Bob Memorial Trophy Hove 695m Ballydoyle Bee Hayley Keightley (Unattached) 44.46s
19/12/20 2020 Coral TV Trophy Hove 945m Aayamza Royale Mark Wallis (Henlow) 61.05s
20/12/20 The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Swindon 476m Ballymac Trend Angie Kibble (Swindon) 28.41s
21/12/20 RPGTV National Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m Loggies Lito Simon Harms (Towcester) 17.88s
27/12/20 Kent County Hurdle Central Park 480 (H) Nomansland Flyer Ricky Holloway (CPark) 29.78s
27/12/20 BGBF St Leger Central Park 642m Zaha Angie Kibble (Swindon) 40.23s
28/12/20 63rd Championship Grand Final (A1) Yarmouth 462m Going Forward John Mullins (Yarmouth) 28.11s

2020 Irish Greyhound Results and Fixtures

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer Win Time
01/02/20 Dublin Coach (A3) Limerick 525y Killahan Gangster John O'Sullivan 28.84s
01/02/20 The Bective Midlands Derby (A2) Mullingar 550y Springwell Mouse Denis Hannon 31.19s
08/02/20 The 2020 Best Car Parks Gold Cup (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Ballymac Anton Liam Dowling 28.87s
15/02/20 Festival Of Racing Unraced Stake Final (ON2) Clonmel 525y Palace Mystery Rachel Wheeler 29.35s
15/02/20 Michael Kennedy Guy's & Dolls Stake (A3) Clonmel 525y Mylane Bluey Sean Drohan 29.47s
15/02/20 Coolavanny Kennel Magical Bale @ Stud (AO) Clonmel 525y Battle Cry Paul Hennessy 29.11s
15/02/20 Rural Hawaii @ Stud Unraced Stake Final (ON1) Clonmel 525y Newinn Session Graham Holland 28.61s
15/02/20 The Sporting Press (A1/A2) Stake Clonmel 550y Five Alley Messi Paul Hogan 29.94s
15/02/20 Friends Of Clonmel Track Lotto Open 750 (DDO) Clonmel 750y Sporting Pat Jerry Griffin 42.59s
16/02/20 February Guy's & Dolls Stake (A5) Clonmel 525y Rapid Jack Josepth Crotty 29.70s
15/02/20 Curraheen Park Unraced Final (ON3) Clonmel 525y Aldworth Cherry Kevin Ruby 29.89s
29/02/20 The 2020 Cork Cup Final (A1) Curraheen Park 525y Congress Thunder Paul Hennessy 28.11s
29/02/20 Selachii Legal 525 Final Limerick 525y Newinn Taylor Graham Holland 28.37s
06/03/20 DGOBA No Bg A2 Final Shelbourne Park 525y Feudal Spirit Seamus Knox 28.35s
13/03/20 Greyhound & Petworld Juvenile Classic (ON1) Tralee 525y Ballymac Wild Liam Dowling 28.23s
14/03/20 Curraheen Park Open Unraced Final (ON2) Curraheen Park 525y Deelish Luke David Lynch 28.63s
14/03/20 The 2020 Ladbrokes Easter Cup Final (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Wolfe Graham Holland 29.89s
21/03/20 Ardnasool Jet @ Stud Open (S0/S1) Thurles Park 330y Strides Bilibong Sharon Hunt 18.01s
21/03/20 Thurles Stadium 0N2/0N3 Final Thurles Park 525y Seomra Nate Chris Houlihan 29.30s
21/03/20 TS Champion Bitch Stake (AAO) Thurles Park 525y Cabra Ava Paul Scally 28.71s
25/03/20 RACING SUSPENDED          
25/07/20 Boylesports Champion Stakes (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Pestana Owen McKenna 29.57s
30/07/20 John & Mary Killeacle Dowling Memorial (A1) Tralee 525y Razldazl Monarch Neilus O'Connell 30.92s
01/08/20 Shelley Fennelly Memorial (AAO) Curraheen Park 550y Scoopy Princess Jen O'Donnell 29.79s
01/08/20 2020 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 Final (DDO) Shelbourne Park 750y Ballymac Kingdom Liam Dowling 41.41s
02/08/20 The Kilsheelan Gallop Stake Final (A4) Clonmel 525y Springwood Joy Denis McCarthy 29.02s
02/08/20 Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes (AA0) Clonmel 525y Newinn Taylor Graham Holland 28.34s
08/08/20 Salute To Our Industry Open Unraced (ON1) Shelbourne Park 525y Amazing Champ John Kennedy Jnr 28.39s
08/08/20 The Oran Kennels Puppy Oaks Final (AA0) Shelbourne Park 525y Droopys Curio Robert Gleeson 28.13s
08/08/20 Centenary Agri Tipperary Cup (AA0) Thurles Park 525y Riverside Leo Graham Holland 28.65s
15/08/20 The Irish Sprint Cup (SSO) Dundalk 400y Grangeview Ten Patrick Guilfoyle 20.88s
15/08/20 The A3 Final (A3) Dundalk 525y Surprise Me Now Kieran Hicks 28.89s
15/08/20 The A2 600 Final (A2) Dundalk 600y Eager Leo Cillian McConville 32.95s
15/08/20 Centenary Feed and Grain Stake Final (A2) Thurles Park 570y Grague Retalick Jim Morressey 31.29s
22/08/20 Casey's Caravan and Camping Park 525 (0N1) Waterford 525y Minglers Omega Eddie Moore 28.62s
05/09/20 Curraheen Park A1 Stake Curraheen Park 525y Mohane Rosa Cormac Davern 28.58s
05/09/20 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 1) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Ballymac Wild Liam Dowling 29.07s
05/09/20 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 2) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Kilara Icon Robert Gleeson 29.58s
05/09/20 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 3) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Pestana Owen McKenna 29.07s
05/09/20 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 4) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Newinn Taylor Graham Holland 29.19s
11/09/20 Kilkenny Track Champion Open Unraced Kilkenny 525y Deadly Samurai KarolRamsbottam 28.82s
12/09/20 Irish Cambridgeshire Open 750 (DDO) Limerick 750y Skywalker Logan Patrick Guilfoyle 41.41s
12/09/20 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Newinn Taylor Graham Holland 29.13s
12/09/20 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Pestana Owen McKenna 29.39s
12/09/20 Dave Collins Memorial Munster Oaks (AAO) Waterford 525y Risk Of Thunder Lorraine Moore 28.41s
19/09/20 Two Wheels Training Stake (AO) Curraheen Park 525y Ballymac Trudie Kieran Lynch 28.47s
19/09/20 BoyleSports 350 (SSO) Shelbourne Park 350y Galtee Xtra Leonard O'Hanlan 18.91s
19/09/20 2020 BOYLESPORTS DERBY - FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Newinn Taylor Graham Holland 29.61s
19/09/20 BoyleSports Irish Derby Consolation (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Razldazle Peaky Neilus O'Connell 29.19s
19/09/20 Michael Fortune Memorial Derby Plate (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Black Parachute Graham Holland 29.27s
19/09/20 BoyleSports Open 550 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 350y Wolfe Graham Holland 29.32s
19/09/20 BoyleSports Open 750 (DDO) Shelbourne Park 750y Ballymac Kingdom Liam Dowling 41.27s
25/09/20 J & G Building Services & KGBOA A1 Derby Kilkenny 525y Gortkelly Nestor Andrew Murray 28.89s
10/10/20 Kasko Dog Foods (ON2/ON3) Thurles Park 525y Knockboy Flight Kevin McLean 28.93s
12/10/20 Autumn Unraced (ON2) Enniscorthy 525y Mad Mash Bullet Peter Cronin 28.69s
16/10/20 Blackstone Kennels (A2) Kilkenny 525y Allowdale Shelly Paraic Campion 29.08s
17/10/20 2020 Juvenile Derby (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Skywalker Barry Mark O'Donovan 28.13s
24/10/20 Jerry Hennerty Memorial Open Unraced (ON2) Curraheen Park 525y Oh Hockey Pokey Patrick Norris 28.71s
24/10/20 Friends & Supporters Of Cork Greyhounds (A3) Curraheen Park 525y Malton Manor David Harrington 28.71s
24/10/20 2020 Irish Greyhound Laurels (AAO) Curraheen Park 525y Runninta Seeya John Linehan 28.38s
24/10/20 Curraheen Park Bookmakers Open 550 (A4) Curraheen Park 550y Droopys Magic John Linehan 30.14s
24/10/20 2020 Irish Cesarewitch Open 600 (AAO) Mullingar 600y Meenagh Miracle Michael Corr 32.75 TR
31/10/20 2020 Fair Warrior Open 400 (SSO) Mullingar 400y Olympic Dollar Beatrice Steiner 21.42s
12/11/20 2020 Liam Brussels Memorial (A5) Galway 525y Double Good D & D Syndicate 29.10s
13/11/20 Selachii Legal Munster Juvenile Final (A1) Clonmel 525y Pierno Thomas O'Donovan 28.50s
13/11/20 €11000 Kilkenny Track A3 Kilkenny 525y Minister Cross Con Guiney 29.04s
13/11/20 TP Weadick Open 725 (DDO) Kilkenny 725y Ripley Lad Austin Kelly 40.44s
21/11/20 The Joe Dolan / ICC 350 (SSO) Shelbourne Park 350y Ballymore Rory O'Sullivan Syndicate 18.92s
28/12/20 A2 Stake Final (A2) Curraheen Park 525y Rorys Sabb Brendan Kenny 28.54s
05/12/20 AO Stake Final (AO) Curraheen Park 525y Dawstown Sky Pat O'Driscoll 28.51s
21/11/20 2020 Sporting Press Irish Oaks (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Ballymac Beanie Declan Byrne 28.18s
28/11/20 Friends Of Lmk Open 350 (SSO) Limerick 350y Mohane Vicky Cormac Daverne 18.78s
28/11/20 Deerjet Sydney English Derby Champion (ON2) Limerick 525y Bright Blake Paul Hennessy 28.96s
28/11/20 Limerick & Clare A3 Final (A3) Limerick 525y Redzer Regera Pat Reddan 28.71s
28/11/20 Friends Of Lmk Open 525 (AAO) Limerick 525y Native Maestro Graham Holland 28.42s
28/11/20 Friends Of Lmk Irish St Leger Consolation (AAO) Limerick 550y Ballymac Kingdom Liam Dowling 29.68s
28/11/20 Friends Of Lmk Irish St Leger Final (AAO) Limerick 550y Epic Hero Thomas O'Donovan 29.44s
28/11/20 Friends Of Lmk Open 600 (DDO) Limerick 600y Doolin Duke Pat Buckley 32.46s
05/12/20 Denis Linehan Solicitors Unraced (ON1) Curraheen Park 525y Deadly Destroyer Karol Ramsbottom 28.32s
05/12/20 Thanks to all Supporters IRGT Open 350 (SSO) Shelbourne Park 350y Brodys Magic David Murray 18.57s
05/12/20 The 525 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Deadly Samuri Karol Ramsbottom 28.15s
05/12/20 The Greyhound Racing Ireland Bitch (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Ballymac Beanie Declan Byrne 28.22s
05/12/20 Irish Daily Star Talking Dogs (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Feudal Spirit Graham Holland 28.26s
05/12/20 IGOBF National Puppy Stake (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Ballymac Ariel Liam Dowling 28.19s
05/12/20 Welcome to Winter Racing Festival 550 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Rathcoole Fox Graham Holland 29.54s
05/12/20 Irish Greyhound Trust Bitch 550 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Scoopy Princess Jennifer O'Donnell 29.75s
05/12/20 Open 550 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Great Name That Liam Dowling 29.33s
05/12/20 Talking Dogs With Ian Fortune Open 550 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Glengar Bale Pat Buckley 30.01s
05/12/20 Follow Us On Social Media 575 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 575y Lenson Bocko Graham Holland 30.94s
05/12/20 Greyhound Racing Ireland Open 600 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 600y Ballymac Kingdom Liam Dowling 32.12s
05/12/20 Join The Chat # Winter Racing Festival (DDO) Shelbourne Park 750y Redzer Ardfert Brendan Maunsell 41.73s
05/12/20 Talking Dogs With Barry Drake (DDO) Shelbourne Park 850y Dana Point Mullins-Curtin Synd 47.46s
11/12/20 DGOBA Dublin Cup (A1) Shelbourne Park 525y Urban Fire Robert Roberts 28.55s
12/12/20 Greyhound Pet World Irish Grand National (HO) Curraheen Park 525y (H) Razldazl Annie Neilus O'Connell 29.37s
18/12/20 Shelbourne Marathon (DDO) Shelbourne Park 1025y Dana Point Mullins-Curtin Synd 58.75s
19/12/20 The Bull Run Bolt @ Stud Stakes (A3) Curraheen Park 525y Frontlineallstar Patrick Norris 28.88s
19/12/20 Good News / Belles Direction Stake (A1) Thurles Park 525y Lady Lewis Roger Brereton 29.25s
19/12/20 The Barking Buzz Open (AO/A1) Thurles Park 570y Onmyway Rachel Wheeler 31.57s
22/12/20 Track Bookmakers Kingdom Derby (AAO) Tralee 525y Knockaboul Syd Pat Buckley 28.80s
30/12/20 Tom Qualter Unraced 525 (ON2) Galway 525y Odhrans Princess Alice Guilfoyle 28.41s
02/01/21 Christmas Oaks (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Miss Joss Mullins/Curtin 28.40s
02/01/21 Shelbourne 600 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 600y Ballymac Kingdom Liam Dowling 32.30s

Disclaimer: Due last year to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic some events and fixture dates were subject to rescheduling or cancellation. Therefore no liability is taken in the accuracy of these race results and fixtures.