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2018 English Greyhound Results

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
19/01/18 Coral Coronation Cup Romford 575m Shotgun Bullet Derek Knight (Hove) 35.25s
19/01/18 Mitch Millward Marathon Romford 750m Goldies Hotspur Patrick Janssens (Towc) 47.96s
21/01/18 Maiden Derby Henlow 460m Bull Run Bolt Derek Law (Towcester) 27.84s
11/02/18 Blue Riband Henlow 460m Bockos Alfie Patrick Janssens (Towc) 28.51s
17/02/18 Joyce Lloyd Memorial Trophy Monmore 480m Bull Run Button Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 28.17s
24/02/18 SIS Sprint Trophy Doncaster 275m Hiya Butt Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 16.84s
24/02/18 SIS Puppy Trophy Doncaster 450m Mudross Chris Charlie Lister OBE (Donc) 28.11s
27/02/18 Peter Bussey Memorial Trophy Crayford 540m Saleen Ash Mark Wallis (Towcester) 33.42s
27/02/18 Chief Ramsbottom Hurdle Crayford 540m (H) Kakantu Barry O'Sullivan (Cray) 34.20s
27/02/18 Tony Morris Memorial Stakes Crayford 540m Alfies Diamond Ricky Holloway (CPark) 33.62s
27/02/18 44th Ladbrokes Golden Jacket Crayford 714m Shotgun Bullet Derek Knight (Hove) 44.95s
04/03/18 Maiden Gold Cup Henlow 550m Inky Holdem Carol Wetherall (Henlow) 33.71s
06/03/18 Racing Post Juvenile Sheffield 500m Bull Run Button Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 28.86s
09/03/18 Cearnsport Springbok Central Park 480m (H) Lenson Wilson Ricky Holloway (CPark) 29.63s
11/03/18 Queen Mother Memorial Cup Sheffield 660m Swift Marvelette Russel Warren (Sheffield) 39.29s
16/03/18 Coral Golden Sprint Romford 400m Forest Chunk Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 24.03s
16/03/18 Coral Essex Vase Romford 575m Murrays Act Kevin Boon (Yarmouth) 35.34s
21/03/18 Ladbrokes Puppy Derby Monmore 480m Rising Brandy Matt Dartnall (Towcester) 27.82s
24/03/18 Astute Electronics Gold Cup Towcester 480m King Turbo Liz McNair (Central Park) 27.92s
30/03/18 4th Kent Silver Salver Central Park 265m Roxholme Hat Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 16.36s
02/04/18 Dennis & Mable Scarborough Memorial Nottingham 680m Heroic Miss Lawrence Tuffin (Notts) 41.45s
12/04/18 Bunny Bookmakers Gold Cup (Re-Run) Henlow 550m Slippy Maggie Hazel Kemp (Towcester) 34.67s
14/04/18 RPGTV Sprint Shawfield 300m Ballymac Healy Julie Bateson (Unattached) 18.63s
14/04/18 RPGTV Puppy Final Shawfield 480m Greenwell Jet Pat Flaherty (Shawfield) 29.42s
14/04/18 RPGTV Standard Shawfield 480m Ashbank Christy Julie Bateson (Unattached) 28.95s
14/04/18 RPGTV SCOTTISH DERBY FINAL Shawfield 480m The Other Reg Pat Rosney (Belle Vue) 28.87s
14/04/18 RPGTV 500 Final Shawfield 500m Killeford Banjo Neil Black (Unattached) 29.99s
14/04/18 RPGTV 500 Shawfield 500m Joyford Castle John McLachlan (Shawfield) 30.13s
17/04/18 Golden Crest Sprint Poole 250m Loggies Rocky Simon Harms (Poole) 14.90s
17/04/18 Golden Crest Final Poole 450m Headford Kev Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 26.81s
17/04/18 Golden Crest Stayers Poole 640m Clares Kyletaun June Harvey (Unattached) 38.56s TR
17/04/18 Bresmed Northern Sprint Final Sheffield 280m Cotton Pants Mark Wallis (Towcester) 15.98s
17/04/18 Bresmed Ireland Trophy Sheffield 500m Slaneyside Ranger Kirsty Grayson (Sheffield) 29.44s
17/04/18 Bresmed Manchester Trophy Sheffield 660m Swift Marvelette Kirsty Grayson (Sheffield) 39.21s
17/04/18 Bresmed Sheffield Trophy Sheffield 934m Slippy Maska Hazel Kemp (Towcester) 57.10s
21/04/18 Gain GTA Trainers Championship Towcester varied winner Mark Wallis (Towcester)  
22/04/18 Sue Fradgley Memorial Kinsley 268m Roxholme Hat Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 15.79s TR
22/04/18 Betfred Gymcrack Final Kinsley 462m Brinkleys Poet Matt Dartnall (Towcester) 26.95s TR
25/04/18 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festival 264 Monmore 264m Affane Party John Lambe (Perry Barr) 15.21s
25/04/18 Lawrence Jones Memorial 416 Monmore 416m Coolavaney Boy Paul Young (Romford) 24.59s
25/04/18 Lawrence Jones Memorial 416 Monmore 416m Fernhill Rex Lee Field (Perry Barr) 24.60s
25/04/18 Lawrence Jones Memorial Puppy Monmore 480m Ballymac Defo Angie Kibble (Swindon) 28.81s
25/04/18 Lawrence Jones Memorial Dogs Monmore 480m Crossfield Giles Seamus Cahill (Hove) 28.41s
25/04/18 Lawrence Jones Memorial Bitches Monmore 480m Brinkleys Twirl Mark Wallis (Towcester) 28.54s
25/04/18 Lawrence Jones Memorial Maiden Monmore 480m Carmac Express Brian Thompson (Monmore) 28.67s
25/04/18 Lawrence Jones Memorial Maiden Monmore 630m Shewhodareswins Charlie Lynch (Unattached) 38.72s
25/04/18 Lawrence Jones Memorial 630 Monmore 630m Ridgedale Max Phil Simmonds (Romford) 37.99s
25/04/18 Lawrence Jones Memorial 835 Monmore 835m Adamant Jim Phil Barlow (Sheffield) 52.02s
27/04/18 John Smith's Grand National Central Park 480m (H) Parkers Dynamite Mark Wallis (Towcester) 29.46s
10/05/18 Coral Regency Final Hove 695m Clares Kyletaun June Harvey (Unattached) 41.05s
15/05/18 BGBF Puppy Cup Sheffield 500m Roxhill Mystique Paul Sallis (Monmore) 29.21s
22/05/18 STAR SPORTS DERBY 1st 1/4 FINAL Towcester 500m Borna Gin Pat Buckley (IRE) 29.32s
22/05/18 STAR SPORTS DERBY 2nd 1/4 FINAL Towcester 500m Doratas Wildcat Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 29.17s
22/05/18 STAR SPORTS DERBY 3rd 1/4 FINAL Towcester 500m Droopys Verve Angela Harrison (Newcastle) 28.88s
22/05/18 STAR SPORTS DERBY 4th 1/4 FINAL Towcester 500m Rising Brandy Matt Dartnall (Towcester) 29.01s
26/05/18 STAR SPORTS DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL Towcester 500m Droopys Verve Angela Harrison (Newcastle) 28.91s
26/05/18 STAR SPORTS DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL Towcester 500m Whoops Jack Peter Cronin (IRE) 29.18s
29/05/18 Ladbrokes Sprint Trophy Final Crayford 380m Brinkleys Poet Matt Dartnall (Towcester) 22.85s TR
01/06/18 Rose Bowl Romford 575m Shotgun Bullet Derek Knight (Hove) 34.94s
02/06/18 Star Sports Derby Sprint Towcester 260m Affane Party John Lambe (Perry Barr) 15.01s
02/06/18 Star Sports Derby Intertrack Towcester 480m Ashakiran Mark Wallis (Towcester) 28.11s
02/06/18 Star Sports Puppy Stakes Towcester 480m Geelo Blissful Carl Perry (Sheffield) 28.07s
02/06/18 Star Sports Champion Hurdle Towcester 480m (H) Lenson Wilson Ricky Holloway (CPark) 28.40s
02/06/18 Star Sports Derby Bitches Stakes Towcester 500m Ninja Penny Mark Wallis (Towcester) 29.42s
02/06/18 Star Sports English Derby Plate Towcester 500m Crossfield Giles Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.42s
02/06/18 Star Sports British Bred Stakes Towcester 500m King Turbo Liz & Rab McNair (Unatt) 29.00s
02/06/18 STARSPORTS DERBY - FINAL Towcester 500m Dorotas Wildcat Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 28.85s
02/06/18 Star Sports Derby Invitation (Div A) Towcester 500m Innocent Times Brendan Matthews (Unatt) 29.02s
02/06/18 Star Sports Derby Invitation (Div B) Towcester 500m Wildfire Legend Paul Young (Romford) 29.54s
02/06/18 Star Sports Seniors Stakes Towcester 500m Shaneboy Freddie Kevin Boon (Yarmouth) 29.28s
02/06/18 Star Sports Derby Stayers (Div A) Towcester 686m Ridgedale Max Phil Simmonds (Romford) 41.28s
02/06/18 Star Sports Derby Stayers (Div B) Towcester 686m Garryglass Champ Mark Wallis (Towcester) 41.44s
02/06/18 Star Sports Dorando Marathon Towcester 906m Maysdreamcatcher James Turner (Perry Barr) 55.91s
05/06/18 Ladbrokes 540 Trophy Crayford 540m Mustang Swift Dean Childs (Crayford) 34.09s
11/06/18 Coors Light Puppy Trophy Nottingham 500m Lemming Perrin Carol Weatherall (Henlow) 30.15s
11/06/18 Carling Black Fruits Trophy Nottingham 500m Bit View Knight Charlie Lister OBE (Donc) 30.05s
15/06/18 British Bred St Leger Central Park 642m Affleck Bolt Patrick Janssens (Towc) 40.10s
21/06/18 George Ing St Leger Yarmouth 659m Fenveiw Rosie Paul Steward (Peterborough) 40.59s
24/06/18 Bedfordshire Mini Derby Henlow 428m Queen Adele John Lambe (Perry Barr) 25.15s TR
26/06/18 Ladbrokes Gold Collar Final Crayford 540m Droopys Dresden Phil Simmonds (Romford) 33.93s
27/06/18 BGBF Sprint Trophy Harlow 238m Ballyoak Petal David Lewis (Poole) 14.62s
28/06/18 Coral Sprint Final Hove 285m Droopys Perfect Seamus Cahill (Hove) 16.40s
02/07/18 RPGTV Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m Newlawn Adam Phil Simmonds (Romford) 17.75s
02/07/18 RPGTV Select Stakes Nottingham 500m Brinkleys Poet Matt Dartnall (Hove) 29.56s
14/07/18 Yah Muppet Memorial Trophy Monmore 630m Ridgedale Max Phil Simmonds (Romford) 38.21s
18/07/18 William Hill Festival Flyer Sunderland 261m Moanteen Haye Gary Carmichael (Newc) 15.72s
18/07/18 William Hill Classic Final Sunderland 450m Allowdale Bruno Harry Williams (PGrange) 26.75s
18/07/18 William Hill Grand Prix Final Sunderland 645m Bombers Bullet Mark Wallis (Towcester) 39.10s
21/07/18 72nd British Bred Produce Stakes Final Swindon 480m Zenas Zeus Jenni March (Central Park) 28.90s
21/07/18 Produce Final Night 509er Stakes Swindon 509m Rockscoe Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 29.92s
22/07/18 William Hill Puppy Plate (Re-run) Sunderland 450m Droopys Trapper Angela Harrison (Newcastle) 26.49s TR
24/07/18 Summer Festival Sprint Crayford 380m Hit The Roaduk Daniel Brabon (Central Park) 23.10s
24/07/18 Ladbrokes Kent National Hurdle Crayford 380m (H) Sporting Ranger Jason Heath (Hove) 23.51s
24/07/18 Summer Festival Stakes Crayford 540m Snowdon Archie Julie Luckhurst (Crayford) 33.84s
24/07/18 Ladbrokes Kent Cesarewitch Crayford 874m Maysdreamcatcher James Turner (Perry Barr) 56.98s
02/08/18 Coral Sprint Trophy Hove 285m Forest Whiskey Seamus Cahill (Hove) 16.32s
02/08/18 Coral Sussex Cup Maiden Sprint Hove 285m Gislebertus Belinda Green (Crayford)) 16.71s
02/08/18 Coral Ladies Trophy Hove 515m Maysthistlecrack Pam Dolby (Henlow) 29.90s
02/08/18 Coral Sussex Cup - Final Hove 515m Sporting Dave Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.76s
02/08/18 Coral Sussex Cup Stayers Hove 695m Kentish Power Tony Collett (Central Park) 41.63s
02/08/18 Greene King IPA Sprint Yarmouth 277m Toems Lily Maurice Rice (Yarmouth) 16.54s
02/08/18 Greene King IPA E A Challenge Yarmouth 462m Jazz Prince Paul Burr (Yarmouth) 27.92s
02/08/18 Greene King IPA Stayers Yarmouth 659m Ballymac Eliza Richard Devenish (Pbrgh) 40.86s
02/08/18 Greene King IPA Marathon Yarmouth 843m Jazz Prince Peter Witchell (Yarmouth) 54.20s
09/08/18 William Hill US PGA Sprint Newcastle 290m Roxholme Hat Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 16.76s
09/08/18 William Hill Northern Puppy Derby Newcastle 480m Droopys Trawler Andrew Wood (Shawfield) 28.76s
09/08/18 William Hill Angel Of The North Oaks Newcastle 480m Geelo Blissful Carl Perry (Monmore) 28.52s
09/08/18 William Hill Flash Odds Marathon Newcastle 895m Looking Sharp Pat Rosney (Perry Barr) 56.20s
09/08/18 Ladbrokes Summer Stayers Classic Monmore 630m Ela Juliet Matt Dartnall (Hove) 37.77s
10/08/18 Doug Tyler Summer Cup Romford 575m Vinegarhill Ruby Paul Hebbs (Henlow) 35.40s
21/08/18 Ladbrokes Summer Festival Sprint Crayford 380m Late Hyena Jim Daly (Crayford) 23.16s
21/08/18 Ladbrokes Guys & Dolls Final Crayford 380m Kilmore Lemon Patrick Janssens (CPark) 22.89s
21/08/18 Ladbrokes Summer Festival Hurdle Crayford 380m (H) Swift Asbolas Dean Childs (Crayford) 23.61s
21/08/18 Summer Festival Maiden Stakes Crayford 540m Droopys Gleeson Dean Childs (Crayford) 33.34s
21/08/18 Summer Festival Ladies Stakes Crayford 540m Swift Nadia David Lee (Crayford) 33.49s
21/08/18 Ladbrokes Dual Distance Hurdle Trophy Crayford 540m (H) Arabian Sand Julie Luckhurst (Crayford) 34.23s
23/08/18 Ladbrokes 268 Monmore 268m Sky Fall Venom Paul Sallis (Monmore) 15.42s
23/08/18 Ladbrokes 480 Monmore 480m Drumcrow Darcy Kevin Hutton (Monmore) 28.28s
23/08/18 Droopys Turin Retirement Stakes Monmore 480m Funk Factor Paul Shore (Unattached) 28.08s
23/08/18 Ladbrokes Gold Cup Monmore 480m King Turbo Liz McNair (Central Park) 28.30s
23/08/18 Ladbrokes 684 Monmore 684m Calico Ranger Carol Weatherall (Henlow) 41.17s
27/08/18 SR Transport Sprint Trophy Pelaw Grange 245m Beaming Control Gary Ferguson (Unattached) 14.59s
27/08/18 SR Transport Puppy Trophy Pelaw Grange 435m Gloriosus Bill Shelden (Pelaw Grange) 26.16s
27/08/18 IPA Fabrications Bitch Trophy Pelaw Grange 435m Annies Girl Penny Robson (PGrange) 25.53s
27/08/18 SR Transport Jimmy Roberts Memorial Pelaw Grange 435m Tullymore Tiger Ken Renney (Pelaw Grange) 25.50s
27/08/18 SR Transport Stayers Trophy Pelaw Grange 590m Times Two Karolyn Blackbird (Sund) 36.50s
27/08/18 Greyhound Media Puppy Classic Final Nottingham 500m Blue Trooper Nigel Saunders (Belle Vue) 30.29s
27/08/18 Greyhound Media Super Stayers Trophy Nottingham 730m Looking Sharp Pat Rosney (Perry Barr) 44.96s
31/08/18 Champions Night Standard Final Romford 400m Seaglass Sparky Patrick Janssens (CPark) 23.96s
31/08/18 Champions Night Maiden Stayers Final Romford 575m Brigadier Bullet Mark Wallis (Henlow) 35.52s
31/08/18 Coral Champion Stakes Final Romford 575m Bombers Bullet Mark Wallis (Henlow) 34.97s
01/09/18 Doncaster 450 Final Doncaster 450m Brindle Lee Field (Doncaster) 28.01s
04/09/18 GMG Three Steps To Victory Sheffield 660m Swift Hansel Anna Thompson (Notts) 39.42s
09/09/18 Bedfordshire Sprint Henlow 277m Stringer Bell Carol Grasso (Henlow) 16.42s
10/09/18 MSCM Limited Puppy Trophy Nottingham 480m Salacres Barley Peter Harndean (Notts) 28.91s
10/09/18 MSCM Lowther Stakes (Bitches) Nottingham 480m Donation Heather Dimmock (Henlow) 28.78s
15/09/18 Bapp Group Of Companies Scurry Cup Belle Vue 260m Troy Bella David Mullins (Romford) 15.07s
15/09/18 BAPP Group Northern Flat Championship Belle Vue 470m Fernhill Rex Lee Field (Doncaster) 27.56s
15/09/18 J&K Coach Tours Kent St Leger Crayford 714m Slippy Maggie Hazel Kemp (Peterborough) 45.72s
20/09/18 Greene King IPA Sprint Yarmouth 277m Toems Lily Maurice Green (Yarmouth) 16.52s
20/09/18 RPGTV 72nd EAD Invitation Yarmouth 462m Collswood Hawk Nicky Skiggs (Yarmouth) 28.06s
20/09/18 RPGTV 72nd East Anglian Derby - Final Yarmouth 462m Affane Party John Lambe (Perry Barr) 27.32s
20/09/18 Derrick Burridge Trophies - Derby Purse Yarmouth 659m Minnies Highway John Mullins (Yarmouth) 40.41s
20/09/18 RPGTV EA Derby Marathon Yarmouth 843m Laughil Zeus Lauren Sawyer (Unattached) 54.28s
22/09/18 Sommerville / Bramwell Trafalgar Cup Monmore 480m King Sheeran Liz McNair (Central Park) 28.34s
23/09/18 Summer Maiden Cup - Final Henlow 550m Savana Sasha Philip Tsirgotis (Henlow) 34.54s
28/09/18 Razldazl Raidio 2017 Hurdler of Year Central Park 265m (H) Mystical Mick George Andreas (CPark) 16.86s TR
02/10/18 GMG Steel City Cup Sheffield 500m Roxholme Nidge Hayley Keightley (Doncaster) 28.54s
03/10/18 September Sprint Trophy Harlow 238m Burma Bilko Tony Bullen (Unattached) 14.65s
07/10/18 Eden The Kid At Stud Young Guns Central Park 480m King Nelson Liz McNair (Central Park) 28.82s
07/10/18 Kent County Hurdle Central Park 480m (H) Coconut Raver Gemma Davidson (Cpark) 29.77s
07/10/18 Ladbrokes Kent Derby Central Park 480m King Turbo Liz McNair (Central Park) 28.96s
08/10/18 Dunham Greyhound Centre 450 Doncaster 450m Dropzone Elaine Parker (Sheffield) 27.77s
08/10/18 BGBF British Bred Oaks Doncaster 483m Tea For Tess Richard Devenish (Pbrgh) 29.94s
08/10/18 SIS Yorkshire St Leger Doncaster 661m Roxholme Poppy Hayley Keightley (Doncaster) 41.74s
08/10/18 Watson Family Marathon Doncaster 890m Looking Sharp Pat Rosney (Belle Vue) 57.58s
25/10/18 William Hill Puppy Final Newcastle 480m Droopys Heron Jimmy Fenwick (Newcastle) 28.84s
25/10/18 William Hill All England Cup Newcastle 480m Droopys Verve Angela Harrison (Newcastle) 28.24s
25/10/18 William Hill Great North Run Newcastle 670m Droopys Live Angela Harrison (Newcastle) 40.69s
26/10/18 Mitch Millward Memorial Trophy Romford 750m Baroness Bullet Mark Wallis (Henlow) 47.60s
28/10/18 Derby Dash Henlow 277m Stringer Bell Carol Grasso (Henlow) 16.39s
28/10/18 The Hawk Henlow Derby Henlow 460m Bubbly Turbo Paul Young (Romford) 27.36s
29/10/18 British Breeders Stakes Nottingham 500m Let Me Tell You Angie Kibble (Swindon) 29.96s
01/11/18 Monmore's 90th Birthday Meeting (A3) Monmore 480m Dhurstone Smile Patricia Cowdrill (Monmore) 28.72s
01/11/18 Monmore's 90th Birthday Meeting (A3) Monmore 480m Come On Rodney Stuart Buckland (Monmore) 28.82s
01/11/18 Monmore's 90th Birthday Meeting (S3) Monmore 630m Murlens Redhot Chris Allsopp (Monmore) 38.59s
01/11/18 Coral Brighton Belle Hove 515m Ballymac Miscula Kim Billingham (Monmore) 30.00s
03/11/18 Maiden Stayers Trophy Crayford 714m Burgess Pilot Anthony Gifkins (Unattached) 46.83s
10/12/18 S&D Bookmakers Sprint Peterborough 250m Pucka Bullet Phil Ward (Peterborough) 15.06s
10/11/18 Allan Speechley Fengate Collar Peterborough 435m Fernhill Rex Lee Field (Doncaster) 26.34s
10/12/18 Invitation Race (IV) Peterborough 435m Ballymac Oreilly Richard Devonish (Pbrgh) 26.81s
10/12/18 S&D Stayers Trophy Peterborough 620m Sensual David Pruhs (Peterborough) 38.94s
10/12/18 AJ Speechley Electrical Marathon Peterborough 805m Slippy Maska Hazel Kemp (Peterborough) 51.95s
10/11/18 Ladbrokes Guys & Dolls Trophy Crayford 540m Droopys Edge Dean Childs (Crayford) 33.65s
10/11/18 Oli Gray-Hound Birthday Chase Crayford 874m Maireads Ivy Derek Knight (Hove) 56.94s
11/11/18 Brinkleys Poet @ Stud Stakes Kinsley 462m Toonreenalour Peter Barlow (Kinsley 27.73s
17/11/18 Ladbrokes Autumn Hurdle Trophy Crayford 380m (H) Sporting Ranger Jason Heath (Hove) 23.77s
17/11/18 English St Leger Final Perry Barr 710m Calico Ranger Carol Weatherall (Henlow) 47.09s
18/11/18 MSCM Ltd Bedfordshire Oaks Henlow 460m Mustang Kay Cee Carol Weatherall (Henlow) 27.84s
23/11/18 Bubbly Turbo Retirement Stakes Romford 400m Cotton Pants Mark Wallis (Henlow) 24.32s
23/11/18 Coral Puppy Cup Romford 400m Grays Cup Winner Phil Simmonds (Romford) 24.09s
26/11/18 MSCM Limited Eclipse Stakes Nottingham 500m Droopys Wildcat Kevin Hutton (Henlow) 29.35s
01/12/18 Droopys Nidge At Stud Trophy Shawfield 500m Nadurra Ross John McLachlan (Shawfield) 28.90s
06/12/18 Jimmy Jupp National Hurdle Hove 515m (H) Razldazl Star Ricky Holloway (CPark) 31.48s
06/12/18 Ballyregan Bob Memorial Trophy Hove 695m Afleck Bolt Patrick Janssens (CPark) 41.79s
07/12/18 Coral Essex Vase Romford 575m Prime Time Phil Simmonds (Romford) 35.34s
08/12/18 TV Trophy Crayford 874m Savanna Winner Diane Henry (Henlow) 56.87s
11/12/18 BGBF British Bred Derby Sheffield 500m Geelow Monty Carl Perry (Shefield) 29.05s
13/12/18 Sussex Puppy Trophy Hove 515m Queen Beyonce Liz McNair (Central Park) 30.03s
13/12/18 Conlan Family / Pinpoint Laurels Newcastle 480m Nadurra Ross John McLachlan (Shawfield) 28.46s
13/12/18 Mark Lennox Memorial Newcastle 480m Cooneen Jack Jimmy Fenwick (Newcastle) 28.52s
16/12/18 2018 English Puppy Derby Henlow 460m Argentina Kevin Hutton (Henlow) 27.50s
17/12/18 Local Parking National Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m Calzaghe Flash Ted Soppit (Newcastle) 17.55s
22/12/18 2018 English Oaks Swindon 480m Ravenswood Flo Kevin Hutton (Monmore) 28.82s
22/12/18 Magical Bale @ Stud Stakes Swindon 685m Magical Icarus Dave Jeans (Swindon) 41.91s
26/12/18 Bob Holmes Memorial Final Sheffield 500m Coolavanny Bimbo John Sharp (Sheffield) 28.82s
26/12/18 Ryan Holmes Puppy Cup Sheffield 500m Pond Adonis Harry Williams (PGrange) 29.21s
26/12/18 Harry Holmes Memorial Sheffield 660m Keplar Nine Chris Akers (Nottingham) 39.13s
26/12/18 Boxing Day Chase Central Park 480m (H) Lenson Wilson Ricky Holloway (CPark) 29.29s
26/12/18 Carlsberg Boxing Day Marathon Crayford 874m Slippy Maggie Hazel Kemp (Peterborouh) 56.91s
27/12/18 Coral Greyhound Olympic Final Hove 515m King Turbo Liz McNair (Central Park) 29.90s
27/12/18 Mossvale Ace Memorial Trophy Hove 695m Arthurs Impact Derek Knight (Hove) 42.00s

2018 Irish Greyhound Results

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer Win Time
03/02/18 Dublin Coach (A3) Limerick 525y Shelone Iso Pat Buckley 28.67s
10/02/18 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Shelbourne Park 525y Chespirito Liam Dowling 28.52s
10/02/18 The (A1) Final Shelbourne Park 525y Highview Romeo Gerry Merriman 28.92s
11/02/18 Rural Hawaii @ Stud Unraced Stake Final Clonmel 525y Skywalker Tuco Michael O'Donovan 28.85s
11/02/18 Suirview Kennels A0/A1 Bitch Stake Clonmel 525y Sidarian Fern Graham Holland 29.19s
11/02/18 Guys & Dolls (A3/A4) Stake Final Clonmel 525y Ballinabola Theo Niamh Murphy 29.27s
11/02/18 The Sporting Press (A1/A2) Stake Final Clonmel 550y Macaroon Cruz Graham Holland 30.14s
17/02/18 The Gain Cup (A1) Curraheen Park 525y Droopys Steel Pat Buckley 28.83s
24/02/18 Dylan Thomas & DTSC Open Unraced Drumbo Park 335y Verrazano Aidan Cullen (NI) 18.43s
09/03/18 GMHD Insurance Juvenile Classic Tralee 525y Ballymac Bolger Liam Dowling 28.53s
10/03/18 Greyhound & Petworld Supersprint Curraheen Park 330y Butterbridge Bex Kieran Lynch 17.90s
10/03/18 Red Mills & TSC Champion Bitch Stake Thurles Park 525y Pennylane Lucky Pat Buckley 29.28s
10/03/18 Ladbrokes Easter Cup Shelbourne Park 550y Colarhouse Gerry Owen McKenna 29.56s
10/03/18 The Yahoo Kennels Open 730 Waterford 730y Droopys Dargle Pat Buckley 40.72s
23/03/18 Red Mills & NTSC Open Unraced Bitch Newbridge 525y Coolavanny Dream Noel Browne 28.40s
31/03/18 Treaty Cup Limerick 350y Butterbridge Bex Kieren Lynch 18.60s
31/03/18 Two Wheel Training Cork Oaks Curraheen Park 525y Moanteen Ellie Rachel Wheeler 28.51s
02/04/18 Longford Distance Night Grade DD0-D1 Longford 805y Ardilaun Suzie John Dooley 46.01s
02/04/18 Distance Night Grade A2-A3 Novice Longford 805y Seagrave Madison Finian Losty 46.07s
06/04/18 Kinloch Brae @ Stud A3 Final Kilkenny 525y Mydras Vic Moira Costigan 29.68s
06/04/18 Frightful Flash Kennels McCalmont Cup (A1) Kilkenny 525y Ballybough Dad Murt Leahy 29.06s
07/04/18 All Pet Supplies Irish Cesarewitch Mullingar 600y Master Grizzly Declan Byrne 33.21s
13/04/18 John & Mary Killeacle Dowling Memorial Tralee 570y Faithful Linda Patsy Richardson 31.25s
16/04/18 Red Mills Easter Unraced Sweepstake Enniscorthy 525y Ninga Burgess Margaret Fortune 29.84s
21/04/18 Healthcare & Transport Puppy Oaks Shelbourne Park 550y Boom Time John Linehan 28.63s
21/04/18 Sword Security Open 350 Limerick 350y Dorotas Del Mar Martin Lanney 18.77s
21/04/18 Limerick & Clare GOBA (A4) Final Limerick 525y Orlando Breeze Susan Hayes 29.08s
21/04/18 Michael Tobin Memorial (A2) Limerick 525y Music Toour Ears Pat Guilfoyle 28.53s
21/04/18 Sean O'Connor Cup Final Limerick 525y Ower Boy Bullet Martin Lanney 28.33s
21/04/18 Limerick Oaks Limerick 525y Cabra Angel Pat Guilfoyle 28.49s
21/04/18 Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Limerick 525y Droopys Davy Pat Buckley 28.10s
21/04/18 Foynes Electrical Open 575 Limerick 575y Drive On Tipp Graham Holland 31.18s
26/04/18 Roban Financial Novice Stake Final Enniscorthy 600y Artistic Guy Mary Gray 33.42s
28/04/18 Gain 600 Final Shelbourne Park 600y Javielenko Pat Buckley 32.61s
04/05/18 T.P. Weadick Life & Pensions Open 725 Kilkenny 725y Kiltrea Brian John Doyle 40.92s
04/05/18 Wiliam 'Willie' Winters Memorial (A5) Longford 525y Springwell Joey Denis Hannon 29.07s
05/05/18 Newinn Wonder Stud Of The Year Waterford 325y Marshalls Cross Emma Mai Roche 17.88s
11/05/18 Gain Dog Food & NTSC Final (A1) Newbridge 550y Sassy Sally Brian Kirwan 30.42s
12/05/18 Riverside Oscar Open 525 Curraheen Park 525y Holycross Lad Owen McKenna 28.32s
19/05/18 Lee Strand 550 (A3) Tralee 550y Packing Heat Jack Foley 30.02s
19/05/18 Tommy Widger Plummer Unraced Stake Waterford 525y Brynoffa Cindy Eamon Mackey 29.27s
25/05/18 Islandbridge Sprint Shelbourne Park 350y Rosbirr Ranger Chris Delaney 18.67s
26/05/18 Greyhound & Petworld Golden Muzzle Limerick 550y Crohane Ronnie Declan Byrne 29.94s
26/05/18 The Peter Magnone Memorial Limerick 525y Lugs Branno Leo McNulty 28.62s
26/05/18 Joe Dolan ICC Coursing Shelbourne Park 350y Cianos Dream Cian McElligott 19.26s
26/05/18 Sporting Press Irish Oaks Shelbourne Park 525y Jaytee Jordan Paul Hennessy 28.47s
27/05/18 Red Mills Champion Unraced Stake Kilkenny 525y Ballymac Tabor Liam Dowling 29.09s
31/05/18 Dinny Byrne Memorial A5/A6 Sweepstake Enniscorthy 550y Oxtail Oscar James Whelan 29.33s
03/06/18 Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes Clonmel 525y Cash Is King Brendan Maunsell 28.43s
03/06/18 Kasko A3/A4 Guys & Dolls Stake Clonmel 525y Moorstown Debbie David O'Flaherty 28.64s
04/06/18 The Fawn Tango Open Unraced Enniscorthy 525y Cill Dubh Chief Michael Bergin 29.29s
04/06/18 Droopys Stud Champion Stakes Youghal 550y Coolowen Thor John Linehan 29.28s
08/06/18 Kingdom Dog Stadium Supporters (N1) Tralee 525y Longmeadow Raven Patrick O'Connor 29.13s
08/06/18 Kerry Group Club Championship Final (A3) Tralee 525y Sarosta Black Michael Bourke 28.71s
08/06/18 Kerry GAA Supporters Race Of Champions Tralee 550y Clonbrien Hero Graham Holland 29.99s
09/06/18 Barry's Tea Open 750 Curraheen Park 750y Ballymac Sarahjo Liam Dowling 41.59s
09/06/18 Sonny Butler Memorial (A4) Thurles Park 525y Storeman Tom Paraic Campion 29.23s
09/06/18 Kasco Open Novice Stake Thurles Park 525y Luminous Horizon Ned Lennon 29.09s
09/06/18 John Clancy Electrician Stakes (A2) Waterford 525y Ask Eddie David Flanagan 28.52s
15/06/18 Maurice & John Leahy Memorial (A7) Galway 525y Supposedly Finola Richardson 29.28s
21/06/18 Burgess Brandy Bitch Stake Enniscorthy 525y Tomahurra Ruby Donal Kehoe 29.18s
21/06/18 Jaytee Jet @ Stud Open Unraced Shelbourne Park 525y Rural Vic Graham Holland 28.65s
23/06/18 Vetsearch Guys & Dolls (A4) Limerick 525y Keeperhill Abbie Barbara Rees Jones 28.81s
02/07/18 Pauls Butchers Open Sprint (SS0) Derry (Festival) 300y Down The Green John McGee 16.70s
02/07/18 Benny Barrett Memorial Sprint (S1) Derry 300y Ronans Boy Ashley Caldwell 17.02s
02/07/18 Bill McKinney Memorial (A1) Derry 500y Glenbowen Jewel Eamon O'Goan 28.54s
02/07/18 Rocking Chair Bar Open (AA0) Derry 500y Central Boss Brendan Duffy 27.69s
02/07/18 Billy & Shelia Quickley Memorial (A1) Derry 525y Roxy Music Charles Coyle 29.34s
02/07/18 A McLean Marathon (DD0) Derry 720y Sporting Victor Jerry Griffin 42.75s
06/07/18 Wallace/Murray Longford Derby Longford 550y Cabra Hurricane Patrick Guilfoyle 29.88s
07/07/18 Crockers Champ @ Stud Open Unraced Waterford 525y Burgess Superior Shelia Spillane 28.58s
07/07/18 Shelbourne Champion 550 Final Shelbourne Park 550y Lenson Blinder Graham Holland 29.75s
08/07/18 The Kilcarrig Quarries (SSO) Kilkenny 300y Cashen Kuba Chris Houlihan 16.40s
08/07/18 Peter Meaney Memorial (A5) Kilkenny 525y Bull Run Byte Caoimhe Quinlan 29.14s
08/07/18 The Dobbs Oil (N1) Final Kilkenny 525y Ridgemount Paul BTB Syndicate 29.30s
08/07/18 Black & Amber Kennels (A4) Final Kilkenny 525y Tarsna Nureyev Geoff Parnaby 29.48s
08/07/18 Karlow Kennels (A2) Final Kilkenny 525y Blitzem Bill Paul Hennessy 29.30s
08/07/18 Connolly's Red Mills Cup Open 525 Kilkenny 525y Ballybough Dad Martin 'Murt' Leahy 29.24s
08/07/18 The Hedgehunter Novice 725 Final Kilkenny 725y Javielenko Pat Buckley 40.97s
12/07/18 EOS IT Solutions Dundalk International Dundalk 550y Droopys Verve A Harrison (ENG) 29.39s TR
13/07/18 Tony & Eileen McElligot Memorial Tralee 325y Ballymac Meena Liam Dowling 17.34s
13/07/18 Denny K.D.L. Champions league Final (A7) Tralee 525y Killahas Ger Maurice O'Connor 29.11s
13/07/18 Niall Nolan Garage Tralee Stakes Final (A5) Tralee 525y Purmac Wizard Donie Mulvihill 29.02s
13/07/18 Kerry Group Hospital Stakes (A2) Tralee 525y Varvatos Liam Dowling 28.74s
14/07/18 Jerry Hennerty Memorial Final(A2) Curraheen Park 525y Knockeen Ridge Roger O'Rahilly 28.86s
14/07/18 Irish Independent Irish Laurels Curraheen Park 525y Rockybay Foley Kieran Lynch 28.27s
16/07/18 Whitwood Open Unraced Enniscorthy 525y Hard Luck James Henry Kelly 29.06s
28/07/18 Speedrite Senorita Dual Distance Final (A4) Limerick 525/550y Liscanny Skippy Miss Emma O'Ryan 29.08s
28/07/18 Speedrite Senor Dual Distance Final (A4) Limerick 525/550y Greenisle Hades Sean Mulcahy 29.10s
28/07/18 Summer Stayers Tri-Distance (A2 Final) Limerick 600y Kilbride Warrior Michael J O'Donovan 32.50s
28/07/18 Boylesports Champion Stakes Shelbourne Park 550y Jaytee Yankee Paul Hennessy 29.58s
02/08/18 Gain Record Breaker (A1/2) Galway (Festival) 525y Tyrur Minister John McDonagh 29.58s
02/08/18 Gain Feeds (A2) Final Galway (Festival) 525y Gunner Sadie Martin Fahy 29.22s
02/08/18 Flaherty Markets "Corrib Plate" (A6) Final Galway (Festival) 525y Magical Tess Patrick Guilfoyle 28.78s
02/08/18 Greyhounds Make Great Pets (A3) Final Shelbourne Park 525y Boynepark Flight David Murray 28.83s
02/08/18 BarkingBuzz A4/A5 Final Shelbourne Park 525y Wee Pickle Jet Ian Reilly 28.89s
02/08/18 Best Car Parks A3 Final Shelbourne Park 550y Patricks Castle Neilus O'Connell 30.32s
03/08/18 Gain Feeds Corn Cuchulainn Shelbourne Park 750y Javielenko Pat Buckley 41.26s
04/08/18 Red Mills/TTSC A2/A3 Bitch Stake Thurles Park 525y Mackee Biscuit Shane Everard 28.75s
04/08/18 Fresh Milk Tipperary Cup Thurles Park 525y Skywalker Rafa Michael J O'Donovan 28.88s
03/08/18 FFK Sires Southern Oaks Youghal 525y Droopys Ant John Linehan 28.74s
04/08/18 Speedrite Senorita/Senor Grand Final Limerick 550y Greenisle Hades Sean Mulcahy 30.23s
08/09/18 Boylesports Casino (A2) Final Shelbourne Park 525y Baytown Bubba David Murray 28.53s
11/08/18 Ocean Feeds Bitch Stake (A4) Curraheen Park 525y Any Power Ted McCarthy 28.93s
11/08/18 Peter Magnone Memorial Stake (A3) Curraheen Park 525y Gringos Sydney Kieran Lynch 28.57s
11/08/18 Greyhound & Petworld A1 Stake (A1) Curraheen Park 525y Vancouver Peter Cronin 27.99s
11/08/18 James Horan Memorial Final (A3) Galway 525y Confused Reilly Gerry Manley 29.19s
12/08/18 Cash Is King N1/N2 Unraced Stake Final Clonmel 525y Emers Roxy J.J. Dunne 29.35s
12/08/18 Boherna House @ Stud Guys & Dolls (A3) Clonmel 525y Tarsna Dow Jones Geoff Parnaby 28.86s
15/08/18 Speedrite Rose Of Tralee (A4) Tralee 525y Ballymac Beach Liam Dowling 28.54s
15/08/18 Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Dundalk 400y Ardnasool Jet Cathal McGhee 21.07s
15/08/18 O'Neils Dog Food A4/A5 Bitch Final Dundalk 525y Tullymurray Voice Damian Maginn (NI) 29.02s
15/08/18 Droopys Stud Open 620 Dundalk 620y Coconut Crusader Marie Gilbert 33.60s
18/08/18 Connollys Red Mills Unraced Final Curraheen Park 525y Newinn Lester Graham Holland 28.52s
25/08/18 Liam McCarthy Cup (S5) Limerick 350y Gleesons Dream Cathal Gleeson 19.33s
01/09/18 Cambridgeshire Open Limerick 750y Jaytee Patriot Paul Hennessy 42.25s
03/09/18 Niamh Moriarty & Co Solicitors Unraced Enniscorthy 525y Indian Trump Declan Terry 29.37s
08/09/18 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 1) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Cabra Hurricane Patrick Guilfoyle 29.60s
08/09/18 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 2) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Slippy Cian Graham Holland 29.32s
08/09/18 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 3) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Newhall Missile John Browne 29.44s
08/09/18 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 4) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Clona Blaze Graham Holland 29.46s
08/09/18 Jimmy Quilty Memorial & WTSC (A5/A6) Waterford 525y Power Talk Gerry Holian 29.20s
08/09/18 Speedrite Dog Food Munster Oaks Waterford 525y Droopys Saga Robert Gleeson 28.16s
08/09/18 Casey's Camping Park Open Unraced Waterford 525y Crossfield Con Peter Cronin 28.43s
08/09/18 Paula Bergin Memorial & WTSC (A2) Waterford 575y Junction Ten Ken O'Neil 31.70s
13/09/18 George's Hair Designs Grand Prize Enniscorthy 525y Roaming Hero Peter Cronin 29.28s
14/09/18 Texacloth Juvenile Derby Newbridge 525y Ulysses Leonard O'Hanlon 28.58s
14/09/18 The Cox Cup A2/A3 Final Newbridge 550y Kylehill Strauss Raymond Dowling 30.41s
15/09/18 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Magical Bale Patrick Guilfoyle 29.66s
15/09/18 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Slippy Cian Graham Holland 29.80s
20/09/18 Best Car Parks Premium Sales Unraced Shelbourne Park 525y Knight Rider Oliver Bray 29.62s
21/09/18 Pearce Piggott/Dermot Murphy (A4/A5) Final Galway 525y Combo Corofin Frank Connolly 29.03s
21/09/18 Ballyregan Bob Memorial (A2) 600 Final Limerick 600y Sporry Majestic John O'Brien 32.82s
21/09/18 CastleIsland Tyre Centre Stakes Final Tralee 525y You Know Brenden Begley 29.09s
21/09/18 Antony Horgan Memorial Dual Distance Waterford 525/575y Gaffers Mackey Philip Gaffney 31.41s
22/09/18 Bermingham Hooper Dolan (A1) Limerick 600y Kildare Farmship David Sexton 32.51s
22/09/18 2018 BOYLESPORTS DERBY - FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Ballyanne Sim James Robinson 29.28s
22/09/18 Boylesports Consolation Derby Shelbourne Park 550y Newhall Missile John Browne 29.47s
22/09/18 Boylesports Irish Derby Plate Final Shelbourne Park 550y Gurteen Feather David Murray 29.30s
28/09/18 Droopys Stud & TSC Derby (A1) Kilkenny 525y Boozed Blue Paraic Campion 28.85s
06/10/18 Cork GOBA Past Presidents (A3) Curraheen Park 525y Cronody Tadhg James Murphy 28.80s
13/10/18 Open 600 Shelbourne Park 600y Macaroon Cruz Graham Holland 32.06s
14/10/18 Talk A Lot (N1/N2) Unraced Clonmel 525y Skywalker Wonder Michael O'Donovan 28.88s
14/10/18 Kilsheean Gallop & F.O.C.T.L. Unraced Final Clonmel 525y Riverside Larry Graham Holland 28.81s
14/10/18 Suirside Restaurant Open 750 Clonmel 750y Greenfield Matty Tony Winters 41.97s
19/10/18 Mary Ramsbottom Memorial (A2) Kilkenny 525y Ninja Burgess Margaret Fortune 29.34s
19/10/18 €11,000 Gain Dog Nutrition (A3) Kilkenny 525y Lemon Ronald Denis Lennon 29.20s
19/10/18 The Ballyanne Sim (A1) Shelbourne Park 525y Tinnock Maximus Michael Devereux 29.04s
19/10/18 Dublin Coach Juvenile Derby Shelbourne Park 525y Balline Kyle John Byrne 28.60s
19/11/18 Steve Kennedy Memorial Final (A5) Tralee 525y Hillview Paddy Martin O'Connor 29.23s
20/10/18 Shelley Fennelly Memorial Stake Curraheen Park 525y Vancouver Peter Cronin 28.15s
20/10/18 Liam Brussels Memorial (A4/A5) Galway 525y Crinkill Chick Pauline Milne 29.01s
20/10/18 Agri Stores Fair Warrior Sprint Mullingar 400y Rosbirr Ranger Chris Delaney 21.07s
20/10/18 Sonny & Mary Murtagh (A1/A2) Mullingar 525y Dream Knight Oliver Bray 29.31s
20/10/18 Daring Kennels Open Unraced Waterford 525y Spoofer Philip Gough 28.09s
30/10/18 Dorotas Wildcat @ Stud (A6/A7) Shelbourne Park 525y Maggies Pearl James Robinson 29.14s
01/11/18 Boylesports Enniscorthy St leger (A1) Enniscorthy 550y Obama Country Karol Ramsbottom 30.51s
03/11/18 Barking Buzz App Open Unraced (NO) Limerick 525y Boherna King Frank Dwan 28.76s
03/11/18 Limerick & Clare GOBA (A2) Final Limerick 525y Rockalong Aqua Donncha McNamara 28.91s
03/11/18 Barking Buzz App Irish St Leger Limerick 550y Blastoff Jet Philip Buckley 29.65s
04/11/18 Red Mills Future Champion Unraced Final Enniscorthy 525y Killer Bee Peter Comerford 28.71s
04/11/18 Red Mills Future Champion Plate Final Enniscorthy 525y Shaky Dog Shelia Spillane 29.32s
10/11/18 Gain Greyhound Nutrition Select Stakes Waterford 525y Cabra Hurricane Patrick Guilfoyle 28.29s
10/11/18 Noel Ryan Tree Surgeon 525 Final Waterford 525y Roaming Hero Peter Cronin 28.60s
11/11/18 Suirside Restaurant Unraced Bitch Stake Clonmel 525y Exciting Coco GBGB 29.20s
17/11/18 Barking Buzz Night Of Stars Open 350 Shelbourne Park 350y Ardnasool Jet Cathal McGhee 18.71s
17/11/18 Doopys Nidge Night Of Stars Open 525 Shelbourne Park 525y Cabra Hurricane Patick Guilfoyle 28.34s
17/11/18 Droopys Stud Night Of Stars Open Bitch Shelbourne Park 525y Vancouver Peter Cronin 28.61s
17/11/18 Priory Walls Of Kilgowan Night Of Stars Shelbourne Park 525y Boynepark King Patrick Norris 28.17s
17/11/18 Gain Bitch Night Of Stars Open 525 Shelbourne Park 525y Rural Aloha Graham Holland 28.48s
17/11/18 Gain Dog Puppy Night Of Stars Open 525 Shelbourne Park 525y Jambo Boy Owen McKenna 28.59s
17/11/18 Greyhound Pet World Night Of Stars 550 Shelbourne Park 550y Bakery Lane Oliver Bray 29.56s
17/11/18 Boylesports Night Of Stars Open 550 Shelbourne Park 550y Slippy Cian Graham Holland 29.37s
17/11/18 Irish Greyhound Review Night Of Stars 575 Shelbourne Park 575y Vaguely Noble Michael Flynn 31.09s
17/11/18 Ted Hegarty Night Of Stars Open 575 Shelbourne Park 575y Lenson Blinder Graham Holland 30.72s
17/11/18 Sporting Kennels Night Of Stars Open 600 Shelbourne Park 600y Macaroon Cruz Graham Holland 32.73s
17/11/18 Night Of Stars Open 750 Shelbourne Park 750y Towcester Story Brendan Matthews 41.52s
17/11/18 Tadgh Hegarty Night Of Stars Open 850 Shelbourne Park 850y Are Nagini Liam Dowling 47.93s
25/11/18 Munster Juvenile Cup / Niall Dunne Memorial Clonmel 525y Murts Boyer Graham Holland 28.50s
09/12/18 Greyhound & Petworld Irish Grand National Curraheen Park 525y (H) Lightning Prince Pat Kiely 28.88s
14/12/18 Good News @ Stud A5 Final Kilkenny 525y Good Story Frank Hickey 29.73s
14/12/18 Coffey Contsruction A4 Bitch Final Kilkenny 525y Bogger Orphelia Liam Peacock 29.49s
14/12/18 Pauline Lennon Memorial A3 Kilkenny 525y Lively Gift Margaret Lennon 29.35s
14/12/18 Seamus Graham & Ned Daly Memorial A1 Kilkenny 525y Ballybough Murt Murt Leahy 29.48s
14/12/18 Best Car Park Marathon Final Shelbourne Park 1010y Ballykett Beauty Gary Loughnane 58.81s
21/12/18 Tilemaster Kingdom Derby Tralee 525y Braveheart Bobby Darren McCoy 28.26s
22/12/18 Comerford Cakes Open 350 Shelbourne Park 350y Droopys Steel Allan Thompson 18.74s
22/12/18 Comerford Cakes Open Puppy Stakes Shelbourne Park 525y Killer Bee Peter Comerford 28.51s
22/12/18 John Slyne Memorial Open 575 Stake Curraheen Park 575y Skywalker Logan Patick Guilfoyle 30.74s
29/12/18 Gain Dog Nutition Christmas Oaks Shelbourne Park 525y Ballymac Arminta Liam Dowling 28.12s

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