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2022 English Greyhound Results and Fixtures

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
28/01/22 RGOA A5/A6 Kennel Sweepstakes Final Romford 400m Swingalongshiloh Martin Wiley (Romford) 24.56s
28/01/22 Coral Maiden Final Romford 400m Zari Rosie Paul Burr (Yarmouth) 23.88s
28/01/22 2022 Coral Essex Vase Romford 575m Coolavanny Aunty Angela Harrison (Newc) 35.25s
28/01/22 Waste House Izzy RPGTV (Rom) GOY 2021 Romford 575m Antigua Princess Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 35.72s
30/01/22 Premarket Pets Blue Riband Towcester 500m Ivy Hill Skyhigh Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 29.91s
15/02/22 2022 ARC Northern Puppy Derby Newcastle 480m Freedom Alibi Tom Heilbron (Newc) 28.62s
19/02/22 Premier Golden Jacket Sprint Crayford 380m Wicky Mike Julie Luckhurst (Cray) 23.67s
19/02/22 Winter One-Lap Trophy Crayford 380m Only Maloney Jason Heath (Hove) 23.48s
19/02/22 Peter Bussey Memorial Consolation Crayford 540m Ballymac Honest Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 33.95s
19/02/22 2022 Peter Bussey Memorial - Final Crayford 540m Woodcocks Akia Nick Deas (Crayford) 33.87s
19/02/22 Premier Golden Jacket Ladies Crayford 540m Doolin Princess Patrick Janssens (Towc) 34.14s
19/02/22 Chief Ramsbottom Hurdle Crayford 540m (H) Nomansland Flyer Ricky Holloway (CPark) 34.25s
19/02/22 Premier Golden Jacket Consolation Trophy Crayford 714m Burgess Elite John Mullins (Towcester) 45.60s
19/02/22 2022 Premier Greyhound Racing Golden Jacket Crayford 714m Bellmore Sally Jimmy Fenwick (Newc) 44.81s
26/02/22 Ladbrokes Winter Festival 264 - Final Monmore 264m Little Emir G Cunningham (Unatt) 15.31s
26/02/22 Ladbrokes 480 Bitches Monmore 480m Narcos Tata George Cunningham 28.80s
26/02/22 RPGTV Monmore DOTY Daves Gift Monmore 480m Derby Swallow Stuart Buckland (Monmr) 28.65s
26/02/22 2022 Ladbrokes Winter Derby - Final Monmore 480m Burnchurch Mick Richard Rees (Hove) 28.14s
26/02/22 Ladbrokes 480 Monmore 480m Aussie Captain Patrick Janssens (Towc) 28.40s
26/02/22 Captain Birdseye Lads Night Out Race Monmore 480m Optic Jimmy Harry Burton (Newcastle) 28.49s
26/02/22 Better Late Than Never Stakes Monmore 630m Coolavanny Aunty Angela Harrison (Newc) 37.82s
26/02/22 Ladbrokes Dual Distance Stayers Final Monmore 684m Droopys Goodtime Richard Rees (Hove) 41.67s
27/02/22 Northamptonshire Sprint Towcester 270m Crossfield Dusty Patrick Janssens (Towc) 15.54s
18/03/22 Steve Simmonds Sprint Final Romford 225m Lylas Boy Nathan Hunt (Romford) 13.57s
18/03/22 Eddie Alexander Memorial Race Romford 400m Knockboy Kay Daniel Braybon (CPark) 24.24s
18/03/22 2022 Coral Golden Sprint - Final Romford 400m Rail Mccoy Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 24.13s
18/03/22 Stuart Roberts Quicksilver Final Romford 575m Fight The Power Carol Weatherall (Monmr) 35.16s
19/03/22 480 Final Monmore 480m Antigua Woofwoof Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 28.24s
19/03/22 2022 Premier Greyhound Racing Puppy Derby Monmore 480m Deelish Frankie Patrick Janssens (Towc) 28.33s
19/03/22 630 Final Monmore 630m Milton Mia Heather Dimmock (Towc) 38.19s
21/03/22 BGBF British Bred Midland Sprint Nottingham 305m Signet Goofy John Mullins (Towcester) 17.92s
21/03/22 ATR Maiden Standard Trophy Final Nottingham 500m Montrose Ian Barnard (Yarmouth) 30.37s
21/03/22 BGBF British Breeders Stakes Nottingham 500m Signet Otis Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 30.05s
26/03/22 George Ing St Leger Yarmouth 659m Blueberry Bullet Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 40.80s
27/03/22 Queen Mother Memorial Cup Sheffield 660m Slapdash Tommy Nathan Hunt (Romford) 39.20s
27/03/22 Greyhound Media Group Final Swindon 476m Magical Ezra Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 28.25s
29/03/22 2022 ARC Northern Flat Newcastle 480m Jaguar Macie Graham Rankin (Monmr) 28.27s
03/04/22 RPGTV Juvenile Towcester 500m Bubbly Apache Paul Young (Romford) 29.63s
04/04/22 ARC Silver Salver CPark 265m Tintreach Jet Paul Donovan (CPark) 16.09s
04/04/22 2022 ARC Springbok CPark 480m (H) Lenson Doolin Ricky Hollaway (CPark) 29.39s
09/04/22 Coral Sprint Trophy Hove 285m Crossfield Dusty Patrick Janssens (CPark) 16.26s
09/04/22 Seasons Scaffolding Puppy Cup Hove 500m Burkos Bobby Paul Donovan (CPark) 29.76s
09/04/22 Jenny Bunting Memorial Sweepstake Hove 500m DroopysComaneci Richard Rees (Hove) 29.99s
09/04/22 Hove Welcomes Jim Layton Hall Of Fame Hove 500m Faughan Rebel Richard Yeates (Hove) 30.72s
09/04/22 Jimmy Jupp Hurdle Hove 500m (H) Seaglass Smokey Jamie Kingsley (Hove) 30.14s
09/04/22 2022 Coral Brighton Belle Hove 515m Whats Up Eva Richard Rees (Hove) 30.32s
09/04/22 Coral Super Stayers Hove 740m Burgess Elite John Mullins (Towcester) 44.90s
09/04/22 2022 Coral TV Trophy Hove 955m Space Jet Matt Dartnall (CPark) 58.86s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN TC 380 Bitches Crayford 380m Luck Box Blue Jim Reynolds (Crayford) 23.43s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN TC 380 Bitches Crayford 380m Pocket Lola Seamus Cahill (Hove) 23.42s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN TC 380 Dogs Crayford 380m Knockard Rory James Turner (Crayford) 23.17s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN TC 380 Dogs Crayford 380m Newinn Tik Tok Patrick Browne (Hove) 23.78s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN TC 540 Pups Crayford 540m Jennifer Anne Michelle Brown (Romford) 34.46s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN TC 540 Bitches Crayford 540m Droopys Garden Maxine Locke (Romford) 34.16s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN TC 540 Bitches Crayford 540m Clairkeith Rosa Claude Gardiner (Hove) 34.09s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN TC 540 Dogs Crayford 540m Seomra Razl Jason Heath (Hove) 34.42s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN TC 540 Dogs Crayford 540m Shelbys Memory Arran Dunn (Monmore) 33.87s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN Track Championship 714 Crayford 714m Killeacle Amelia Gemma Davidson (Cray) 46.08s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN Track Championship 714 Crayford 714m Slapdash Tommy Nathan Hunt (Romford) 45.83s
16/04/22 2022 RPGTV ENTAIN TC Marathon Crayford 874m Burgess Hannah Anthony Gifkins (Cray) 56.46s
21/04/22 2022 ARC Grand Prix Sunderland 640m Coolavanny Aunty Angela Harrison (Newc) 39.07s
28/04/22 ARC Dash Perry Barr 275m Zari Rose Paul Burr (Yarmouth) 16.12s
28/04/22 Good News @ Stud Stakes Perry Barr 275m Signet Goofy John Mullins (Towcester) 16.13s
28/04/22 ARC Standard Perry Barr 480m Romeo De Nero Patrick Janssens (Towc) 28.25s
28/04/22 2022 Arena Racing Company Laurels Perry Barr 480m Signet Denver Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 28.14s
30/04/22 Trainers' Judgement Night 264 Monmore 264m Crossfield Dusty Patrick Janssens (Towc) 15.55s
30/04/22 Trainers' Judgement Night Puppy Monmore 480m Deelish Frankie Patrick Janssens (Towc) 28.42s
30/04/22 Trainers' Judgement Night 480 Maiden Monmore 480m Ballintee Emily Angela Harrison (Newc) 28.84s
30/04/22 Trainers' Judgement Night 480 Bitches Monmore 480m Antigua Cuddles Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 28.68s
30/04/22 Trainers' Judgement Night 480 Monmore 480m Signet Ace Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 28.71s
30/04/22 Trainers' Judgement Night 630 Monmore 630m Bombadier Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 38.81s
01/05/22 Matchbook Betting Exchange Maiden Derby Towcester 500m Hellofakerfuffle Jamie Kingsley (Hove) 29.44s
12/05/22 In Memory of Mary Pledge Trophy Hove 285m Crohane Bertie Norah McEllistrim (Hove) 16.75s
21/05/22 Ladbrokes Guys & Dolls Crayford 380m      
21/05/22 Kent Champion Hurdle Crayford 380m      
21/05/22 Ladbrokes Kent Vase Crayford 540m      
21/05/22 Jay & Kay Tours Kent St Leger Crayford 714m      
31/05/22 BGBF British Bred Maiden Derby Newcastle 500m      
xx/xx/22 2022 Grand National CPark 480m (H)      
10/06/22 2022 Coronation Cup Romford 575m      
11/06/22 2022 ENGLISH DERBY 1st QTR FINAL Towcester 500m      
11/06/22 2022 ENGLISH DERBY 1st QTR FINAL Towcester 500m      
11/06/22 2022 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd QTR FINAL Towcester 500m      
11/06/22 2022 ENGLISH DERBY 3rd QTR FINAL Towcester 500m      
11/06/22 2022 ENGLISH DERBY 4th QTR FINAL Towcester 500m      
18/06/22 2022 ENGLISH DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL Towcester 500m      
18/06/22 2022 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL Towcester 500m      
25/06/22 RPGTV Watling Street Sprint Towcester 270m      
25/06/22 2022 STAR SPORTS ENGLISH DERBY FINAL Towcester 500m      
25/06/22 RPGTV Derby Plate Towcester 500m      
25/06/22 BGBF Truframe British Bred Champion Stakes Towcester 500m      
25/06/22 RPGTV Notebook Ladies Stakes Towcester 500m      
25/06/22 Madri Exceptional Cup Towcester 500m      
25/06/22 Stakes Towcester 500m      
25/06/22 Bob Betts Memorial Trophy Towcester 500m      
25/06/22 2022 Dorando Marathon Towcester 942m      
31/07/22 2022 ARC Champion Hurdle CPark 48m      
31/07/22 2022 Coral Sussex Cup Hove 515m      
31/07/22 2022 Coral Regency Hove 695m      
31/07/22 Stadium Bookmakers Juvenile Classic Towcester 500m      
xx/xx/22 Dunham Greyhound Centre 450 Doncaster 450m      
09/08/22 Gain Nutrition 3 Steps To Victory Sheffield Tri-Dist      
20/08/22 Ladbrokes Gold Cup Monmore 480m      
20/08/22 Ladbrokes Summer Stayers Classic Monmore 630m      
28/08/22 Towcester Marathon Towcester 942m      
29/08/22 ARC Puppy Classic Nottingham 500m      
29/08/22 2022 ARC Select Stakes Nottingham 500m      
14/09/22 2022 76th East Anglian Derby Yarmouth 462m      
22/09/22 M Lambe Construction Birmingham Cup Perry Barr 480m      
22/09/22 2022 ARC St Leger Perry Barr 710m      
25/09/22 76th British Bred Produce Stakes Swindon 476m      
25/09/22 Empress Stakes (Bitches) Towcester 500m      
30/09/22 Romford Puppy Cup Romford 400m      
15/10/22 2022 Steel City Cup Sheffield 500m      
21/10/22 2022 Coral Champion Stakes Romford 575m      
23/10/22 BGBF Puppy Cup Towcester 470m      
27/10/22 2022 ARC ENGLISH OAKS Perry Barr 480m      
30/10/22 Kent Derby CPark 480m      
13/11/22 Towcester Racing Company Hunt Cup Towcester 712m      
17/11/22 ARC Classic Sunderland 450m      
26/11/22 2022 Ladbrokes Gold Collar Crayford 540m      
26/11/22 2022 Ladbrokes Cesarewitch Crayford 874m      
28/11/22 ARC Eclipse Nottingham 500m      
17/12/22 2022 Coral Greyhound Olympic Hove 515m      
17/12/22 2022 George Curtis & Ballyregan Bob Memorial Hove 740m      
26/12/22 2022 English Puppy Derby Towcester 500m      
27/12/22 2022 ARC All England Cup Newcastle 480m      

2022 Irish Greyhound Results and Fixtures

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer Win Time
02/01/22 Annalee Insulation Guys & Dolls (A5) Mullingar 525y Hard Named Joan Byrne 29.90s
08/01/22 Amazing Alice Tri Distance (A2) Mullingar 525-600 Ripley Lightning Austin Kelly 34.02s
29/01/22 Ballymac Cooper @ Stud 525 (A3) Limerick 525y Toolmaker Beach Robert Gleeson 28.54s
29/01/22 Geneva Kennels & WISC Unraced Stake (ON3) Waterford 525y Belmullet Brandy Peter Cronin 28.70s
05/02/22 Sporting Press S2/S3 Sprint Stake (S2) Clonmel Festival 300y Brynoffa Daphine Emma Mackey 16.49s
05/02/22 Intertrack Challenge Clonmel v Thurles (A3) Clonmel Festival 525y Dromana Lee A Moloney 29.06s
05/02/22 Premier Asphalt Roofing System A3 550 Final (A3) Clonmel Festival 525y Malvern Avenue Larry Ellard 30.30s
05/02/22 Support The Split The Pot 550 Final (A5) Clonmel Festival 550y Freedom Special K Pomfret 30.41s
05/02/22 Hotel Minella A4 Stake (A4) Clonmel Festival 550y Byrneville Mouse Connolly Synd 30.70s
05/02/22 Rasaiocht Con Eireann 525 Final (AO) Shelbourne Park 525y Thirtynine Winks David Murray 28.50s
05/02/22 2022 Rcets Gold Cup Open 525 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Skywalker Barry M Donovan 28.36s
06/02/22 Rural Kennels ON2/ON3 Sweepstakes (ON2) Clonmel Festival 525y Swords Rex Graham Holland 28.28s
06/02/22 Park Hotel A4 Stake (A4) Clonmel Festival 525y Determination Paraic Campion 28.86s
06/02/22 Horse & Hounds A3/A4 Guys & Dolls Stake (A3) Clonmel Festival 525y Hollyhill Jasmin Paraic Campion 28.50s
06/02/22 Doolin Duke @ Stud Bitch Stake (A2) Clonmel Festival 525y Burnchurch Best M Donovan 28.41s
06/02/22 Tom Hannigan Memorial Stake (A2) Clonmel Festival 525y Mustang Sam Sean Bourke 28.85s
06/02/22 Buy & Sell Greyhound Trader.Com Bitch Stake (AO) Clonmel Festival 525y Bokos Melody Graham Holland 28.56s
06/02/22 Fainne Chiarrai Open 525 (AAO) Clonmel Festival 525y Carrauntoohil K Ramsbottom 28.33s
06/02/22 Elite Canine Transport Ltd A1/A2 Stake (A1) Clonmel Festival 550y Lynchy Boy Paraic Campion 30.15s
06/02/22 Newinn Taylor / Lenson Boko @ Stud (AAO) Clonmel Festival 550y Benalmedena R' Stephen Pennel 29.98s
06/02/22 Savana Open 750 Stake (DDO) Clonmel Festival 750y Redzer Ruinart Pat Reddan 41.57s
11/02/22 Philomena Dunne Memorial Stake (ON2) Clonmel 525y Jacktavern Bella Graham Holland 29.37s
25/02/22 Explosive Boy Stakes (A4) Tralee 525y De Los Santos Padraig Regan 29.90s
26/02/22 Deerjet Sydney @ Stud (A3) Limerick 525y Flashing Willow Pat Buckley 28.85s
26/02/22 Sean Byrne P & D Champion Bitch Stake (AAO) Thurles Park 525y Singalong Sally Pat Buckley 28.43s
05/03/22 Curraheen Park Stake Final (ON3) Curraheen Park 525y Happy Together Patrick Norris 29.24s
05/03/22 2022 Cork Cup (A1) Curraheen Park 525y Bartelmy Jas Kieran Lynch 28.84s
05/03/22 Barking Buzz APP 525 (AAO) Curraheen Park 525y Clona Skye Graham Holland 28.55s
11/03/22 Greyhound & Pet World Juvenile Classic (ON1) Tralee 525y Wi Can Dream Patrick Guilfoyle 28.37s
13/03/22 KIlbride Kennels Midland Derby (A2) Mullingar 550y Sanitize David Hanlon 31.08s
19/03/22 BresBet 350 (SSO) Shelbourne Park 350y Ela Supremo Peter Cronin 18.41s
19/03/22 Talking Dogs 525 (AAO/AO) Shelbourne Park 525y Jumeirah Bridge Matthew Harte 28.47s
19/03/22 Rcets 525 (AO) Shelbourne Park 525y Crokers Spirit Matthew Harte 28.08s
19/03/22 2022 BresBet Easter Cup - Final (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Susie Saphire Owen McKenna 29.48s
19/03/22 550 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Fast Fit Paddy D McDonagh 29.54s
19/03/22 This Runs Deep 600 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 600y Swords Maestro Graham Holland 32.74s
19/03/22 750 (DDO) Shelbourne Park 750y Magical Poppy Patrick Guilfoyle 41.64s
25/03/22 Ballymac Anton @ Stud McCalmont Cup (A1) Kilkenny 525y Zoom 'Murt' Leahy 28.90s
25/03/22 Brownstown Tango & NTSC Unraced Bitch (ON1) Newbridge 525y Tullymurry Faith D Maginn (NI) 28.61s
26/03/22 2022 Cork Oaks (AAO) Curraheen Park 525y Millbank Chosen Graham Holland 28.26s
26/03/22 Galway Stadium A3/A4 No Backgraders (A3) Galway 525y Headford Honey Seamus Leahy 28.90s
26/03/22 Skywalker Canny @ Stud A1/A2 575/600 (A1) Shelbourne Park 600y Geneva Holly J Mackenzie 32.58s
26/03/22 Transcages Ireland Unraced Stake Final (ON2) Waterford 525y Halo Declan Byrne 28.79s
26/03/22 Paddy & Ciara Sharkey Bookmakers & WTSC (A2) Waterford 575y Ballymac Freya Declan Byrne 31.33s
02/04/22 Greyhound Extreme & WTSC Stakes (A3) Waterford 525y Coolbunnia Fra' Noel Ryan 28.76s
02/04/22 Wexford 525 Stake Final (A2) Waterford 525y Deelish Dulia Laura Flynn 28.63s
02/04/22 Skywalker Canny @ Stud Open Bitch (AAO) Waterford 525y Bobsleigh D Pat Buckley 28.68s
02/04/22 2022 Waterford Select Stakes (AAO) Waterford 525y Explosive Boy Patrick Guilfoyle 28.20s
09/04/22 Shelbourne Open 600 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 600y Fast Fit Paddy D McDonagh 31.96s
16/04/22 Super Sprint (SSO) Curraheen Park 300y Gizmo Cash Jamie McGee 17.43s
16/04/22 RCETS Traceability App Stakes (A6) Tralee 525y Hearthill Josie Joe O'Connor 28.68s
17/04/22 Future Champion & Whitewood Kennel Plate (AO) Enniscorthy 525y Likeable Lodge John Hand 29.15s
17/04/22 Future Champion & Michael Fortune Memorial (ON1) Enniscorthy 525y Ballymac Darcia Patrick Whelan 28.90s
22/04/22 Minella Times Open 350 (AAO) Limerick 350y Flashing Willow Pat Buckley 18.49s
22/04/22 Limerick & Clare GOBA 525 Final (A3) Limerick 525y Speedie Syd Padraic Fannin 29.11s
22/04/22 Sean O'Connor Memorial (AO) Limerick 525y Carrauntoohil K Ramsbottom 28.45s
22/04/22 2022 Con & Annie Kirby Memorial (AAO) Limerick 525y Swords Rex Graham Holland 28.27s
22/04/22 StarSports/TRC English Derby Trial 550 (AAO) Limerick 550 Singalong Sally Pat Buckley 29.62s
22/04/22 Istabrag Open 750 (AAO) Limerick 750y Jacktavern Bella Graham Holland 28.27s
23/04/22 Rasaiocht Con Eireann A1 Final (A1) Shelbourne Park 525y Ballymac Ben Liam Dowling 28.53s
23/04/22 2022 Suncroft Festival Puppy Oaks (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Ballymac Snazzy Liam Dowling 28.66s
23/04/22 John & Mary Killeacle Dowling Memorial (A1) Tralee 570y Coolboy Rusty Eric Prestage 30.76s
29/04/22 Kilsheelan Gallop A0/A1 525 (A0) Clonmel 525y Romeo Queen Adam Dunford 28.52s
29/04/22 Sorley O'Dornan Memorial (A5) Clonmel 525y MoanteenLinford Rachel Wheeler 28.74s
30/04/22 RCETS A0 Final (AO) Shelbourne Park 525y Droopys Good Owen McKenna 29.17s
06/05/22 Phonsie McDonald Memorial (A3) Kilkenny 525y Boothebest Thomas Buggy 29.27s
06/05/22 This Runs Deep A3 Final (A3) Shelbourne Park 575y Burnell Bruiser Liam O'Rourke 31.43s
07/05/22 Irish Retired Greyhound Trust Unraced (ON3) Curraheen Park 525y No Detail Patrick Norris 28.93s
14/05/22 Jerry O'Donovan Memorial (A3) Curraheen Park 525y Runninta Shay John Linehan 28.56s
14/05/22 2022 Epic Hero Limerick Oaks (AAO) Limerick 525y Burgess Josie Pat Buckley 28.66s
14/05/22 Burgess Bucks @ Stud (ON2) Waterford 525y Libbys Dolly Maori Syndicate 28.63s
15/05/22 2022 RPGTV Irish Cesarewitch Open 600 (AAO) Mullingar 600y Magical Mary Patrick Guilfoyle 33.06s
21/05/22 Paul Mckenna Memorial (A5) Galway 575y      
26/05/22 John Mitchell Bookmaker Stake (A4) Waterford 525y      
27/05/22 Friends Of Newbridge A1 Derby (A1) Newbridge 550y      
27/05/22 2022 Islandbridge Open 350 (SSO) Shelbourne Park 325y      
28/05/22 Dan & Shelia Buckley Memorial (A2) Curraheen Park 525y      
28/05/22 April A1/A2 Stakes (A1) Enniscorthy 525y      
28/05/22 2022 Lee Strand 550 (A3) Tralee 550y      
29/05/22 Kilkenny Track Champion Open Unraced (ON1) Kilkenny 525y      
30/05/22 Kanasaf Open Unraced (ON2) Enniscorthy 525y      
04/06/22 A1 550 Yards Stake (A1) Limerick 525y      
05/06/22 Kieran Purcell Snr Memorial Guys & Dolls (A3) Clonmel 525y      
05/06/22 2022 Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes (AAO) Clonmel 525y      
11/06/22 Deadly Kennels Open 750 Stake (DDO) Curraheen Park 750y      
18/06/22 2022 IRISH OAKS (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y      
18/06/22 Open Unraced Stake (ON2) Tralee 525y      
18/06/22 2022 'Race Of Champions' (AAO) Tralee 550y      
25/06/22 Treaty Cup Open 350 (SSO) Limerick 350y      
25/06/22 Denis Linehan Solicitors Unraced (ON1) Curraheen Park 525y      
08/07/22 KGOBA Quad Distance (A5) Tralee 500/570      
09/07/22 Shelbourne Champion 550 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
12/07/22 Dundalk International (AAO) Dundalk 525y      
16/07/22 Corn Cuchulainn (DDO) Shelbourne Park 750y      
16/07/22 A2 Stake (Current) (A2) Tralee 525y      
23/07/22 Open Bitch Stake (AAO) Curraheen Park 550y      
28/07/22 A6 Stake (A6) Galway 525y      
28/07/22 Confined A3 Stake (A3) Galway 525y      
30/07/22 Limerick Stadium A2 Tri Distance (A2) Limerick 550/600      
30/07/22 2022 Champion Stakes (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
30/07/22 Tipperary Cup (AAO) Thurles Park 525y      
05/08/22 Shelbourne Unraced Stake (ON1) Shelbourne Park 525y      
15/08/22 2022 Irish Sprint Cup (SSO) Dundalk 400y      
19/08/22 BoyleSports A3 Bitch Stake (A3) Kilkenny 525y      
20/08/22 A4 Stake (Confined) (A4) Tralee 525y      
03/09/22 A3 525 Stake (A3) Curraheen Park 525y      
03/09/22 A1 525 Stake (A1) Curraheen Park 525y      
10/09/22 2022 Cambridgeshire Open 750 (DDO) Limerick 750y      
10/09/22 2022 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 1st QTR FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
10/09/22 2022 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 2nd QTR FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
10/09/22 2022 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 3rd QTR FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
10/09/22 2022 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 4th QTR FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
10/09/22 Open Unraced Stake (ON1) Waterford 525y      
10/09/22 Munster Oaks (AAO) Waterford 525y      
17/09/22 Cork Mini-Open Stake (AO) Curraheen Park 525y      
17/09/22 2022 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
17/09/22 2022 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
17/09/22 Irish Greyhound Derby Plate (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
23/09/22 A1 Derby (A1) Kilkenny 525y      
24/09/22 2022 BOYLESPORTS IRISH DERBY - FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
24/09/22 Michael Fortune Memorial Derby Plate (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
01/10/22 A1 600 (A1) Limerick 600y      
15/10/22 Open Unraced Stake (AAO) Curraheen Park 525y      
15/10/22 Open 600 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 600y      
15/10/22 Open Unraced Stake (ON2) Thurles Park 525y      
21/10/22 A3 Stake (A3) Kilkenny 525y      
22/10/22 Juvenile Derby (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y      
24/10/22 Unraced Stake (ON1) Enniscorthy 525y      
29/10/22 2022 'Fair Warrior' Open 400 (SSO) Mullingar 400y      
03/11/22 A1 550 (A1) Enniscorthy 525y      
05/11/22 2022 Irish Greyhound Laurels (AAO) Curraheen Park 525y      
05/11/22 Puppy Oaks (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y      
05/11/22 Novice 750 (DDO) Shelbourne Park 750y      
11/11/22 Munster Juvenile Cup (AAO) Clonmel 525y      
12/11/22 A2 525 Stake (A2) Curraheen Park 525y      
25/11/22 Galway Oaks (AAO) Galway 525y      
25/11/22 Shelbourne Unraced Stake (ON1) Shelbourne Park 525y      
25/11/22 Gold Collar (A1) Shelbourne Park 550y      
26/11/22 Limerick Stadium Open Unraced Stake (ON2) Limerick 525y      
03/12/22 Open 525 Stake (Jan 21 or younger) (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y      
10/12/22 2022 Matchbook Betting Irish St Leger (AAO) Limerick 550y      
16/12/22 Shelbourne Marathon (DDO) Shelbourne Park 1025y      
20/12/22 Kingdom Derby (AAO) Tralee 525y      
22/12/22 Christmas Oaks (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y      
29/12/22 GRI Winter Racing Festival (AAO) Shelbourne Park Varied      
30/12/22 GRI Winter Racing Festival (AAO) Shelbourne Park Varied      

Disclaimer: All race sponsors and final dates are subject to alterations and changes. Therefore no liability is taken in the accuracy of this results page. (DH = Dead Heat, H = Hurdle Race, HT = Hand-Timed, NR = National Record for distance, TR = Track Record)