greyhound predictor

it's not a game? it's a science!

About Greyhound Predictor

Greyhound Predictor is an electronic software program designed specifically to predict dog races and continues to provide "students of raceform" around the world the opportunity to study a future race. The 'PREDICTOR' is a real-time race simulator that takes into account all the most significant formlines and statistics and offers you the chance to predict your own future race winners!

stats screen

Greyhound Statistics

The GP v2.0 Stats Screen requires the latest greyhound formlines to be entered for any forthcoming middle-distance race. This form data includes: race grade, track conditions, distance, gender, age, weight, fastest/average race and sectional times, pace type, racing lines, and various other statistics. You can choose a maximum of 6 or 8 dogs, including vacant traps with any amount of runners (preset in the options).

betting lounge screen

Betting Lounge

For further fun with your friends! or if you just wanted to see a race without having to enter all the formlines into the Predictor then please visit the Betting Lounge! Once you've studied the form for these "top class" races, place your own private bets! and enjoy the thrill of watching simulated dog racing in the comfort of your own home.

greyhound gallery

Greyhound Gallery

Thanks to Alan from Greyhound Photos who kindly let us use his excellent pictures, we incorperate our own racing gallery.


Real-Time Dog Racing Simulator

Once you have entered the greyhound data into the Predictor, or read the form in the Betting Lounge, just Press the Spacebar to start the hare running! You can view each dog's speed in miles or kilometres per hour, or the actual distances travelled anywhere around the track in metres or yards by using the Left/Right Cursor Keys situated on your computer keypad.

Greyhound Predictor Version 2.0 is free to download and try before you buy! registering for the full version still only costs 15 US dollars.

For further information on how to best use GREYHOUND PREDICTOR then please read "The Science of Greyhound Race Prediction" article.