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2017 English Greyhound Results

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
11/01/17 Coral Coronation Cup Romford 575m Roswell Romanov Mark Wallis (Towcester) 35.10s
12/01/17 Lawrence Jones Memorial Festival Monmore 264m Mac Foiche Richard Devonish (Pbor) 15.34s
12/01/17 Lawrence Jones Memorial (Puppies) Monmore 480m Doratas Del Ma Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 28.67s
12/01/17 Lawrence Jones Memorial (Bitches) Monmore 480m Image Carranna Pat Cowdrill (Monmore) 28.47s
12/01/17 Lawrence Jones Memorial (Dogs) Monmore 480m Candlelight Fire Elaine Parker (Sheffield) 28.44s
12/01/17 Lawrence Jones Memorial (630) Monmore 630m Ferryforth Fran Mark Wallis (Towcester) 38.70s
12/01/17 Lawrence Jones Memorial (684) Monmore 684m Slick Strauss Patrick Janssens (Towc) 41.92s
15/01/17 Greyhoundscene Forum Sprint Mildenhall 220m Toems lily Maurice Rice (Yarmouth) 14.00s
15/01/17 Dunham Greyhound Centre Mildenhall 375m Paulines Jaguar Bernie Warren (Towc) 24.18s
15/01/17 John Pearman Memorial Mildenhall 700m Swift Dali Edward Palmer (Henlow) 46.18s
15/01/17 Albert Dale Memorial Mildenhall 700m Able Winner Paul Dale (Mildenhall) 46.27s
25/01/17 Greyhound Media Prestige Hall Green 645m Rubys Razzle Mark Wallis (Towcester) 39.31s
31/01/17 Silver Salver Central Park 450m Clondoty Alex Mark Wallis (Towcester) 27.72s
31/01/17 The WJ & JE Cearns Memorial Final Central Park 500m Brinkleys King Seamus Cahill (Hove) 31.01s
13/02/17 Betfred Casino Sprint Trophy Nottingham 500m Hollygate Duke Lawrence Tuffin (Notts) 17.81s
13/02/17 Betfred Dual Distance Trophy Nottingham 500m Pretty Looking Kevin Cobbold (Henlow) 29.13s
21/02/17 Peter Bussey Memorial Trophy Crayford 540m Ribble Aon Mark Wallis (Towcester) 33.44s
21/02/17 Chief Ramsbottom Hurdle Crayford 540m (H) Razldazl Raidio Ricky Holloway (CPark) 33.57s TR
21/02/17 Tony Morris Memorial Stakes Crayford 540m Roswell Roxanne Mark Wallis (Towcester) 33.64s
21/02/17 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket Crayford 714m Boylesports Duke Dolores Ruth (IRE) 45.18s
21/02/17 J.B. Riney MBE Memorial Crayford 874m Meadow John Mullins (Yarmouth) 57.11s
21/02/17 Ladbrokes 1048 Crayford 1048m Roxholme Magic Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 67.83s TR
22/02/17 59th Yarmouth Championship (A1) Yarmouth 462m Our Man Dan John Mullins (Yarmouth) 27.89s
25/02/17 Standard Final Wimbledon 480m Lenson Rocky Tony Collett (CPark) 28.73s
05/03/17 Henlow Maiden Gold Cup Henlow 550m Garryglass Champ Mark Wallis (Towcester) 33.87s
07/03/17 Cearnsport Springbok Central Park 480m (H) Yassoo Martin George Andreas (CPark) 29.98s
07/03/17 Racing Post Juvenile Central Park 480m Murrays Act Kevin Boon (Yarmouth) 28.99s
16/03/17 Ladbrokes Puppy Derby Monmore 480m Forest Con Seamus Cahill (Hove) 28.22s
17/03/17 Coral Golden Sprint Romford 400m Clondoty Alex Mark Wallis (Towcester) 24.09s
17/03/17 Golden Match Race (IV) Romford 750m Roxholme Magic Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 46.59s
18/03/17 Wimbledon 273 Sprint Wimbledon 273m Jumeirah Maximus Seamus Cahill (Hove) 16.06s
18/03/17 Wimbledon 480 Ladies Wimbledon 480m Pollys Pim David Pruhs (Pbrgh) 28.91s
18/03/17 Wimbledon 480 Hurdle (Heat 1) Wimbledon 480m (H) Razldazl Raidio Ricky Holloway (CPark) 28.85s TR
22/03/17 The Calne Racing Arc Swindon 480m Garryvoe Bobby Graham Holland (IRE) 28.35s
22/03/17 Swindon Bookmakers 509er Stakes Swindon 509m Empress Katie Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 29.84s
25/03/17 RPGTV Dash For Cash Stakes Wimbledon 273m Black Alder Liz McNair (Unattached) 16.10s
25/03/17 Wimbledon Bookmakers Stakes Wimbledon 480m Shaneboy Russell Liz McNair (Unattached) 28.58s
25/03/17 StarSports Remember Tony Morris Wimbledon 480m Fweshfromthesesh Alfie Herbert (Unatt) 28.85s
25/03/17 Thank You WGOA Stakes Wimbledon 480m Art Of Illusion Tony Collett (CPark) 28.74s
25/03/17 Bitter Blues Cup Wimbledon 480m (H) Kakantu Barry O'Sullivan (Cray) 29.41s
25/03/17 Tigerloans Farewell To Wimbledon Wimbledon 687m Glanmire Prince Seamus Cahill (Hove) 43.02s
25/03/17 Rio Quattro 2015 Derby Winner Wimbledon 480m Ginas Blue Heather Dimmock (Towc) 28.84s
25/03/17 Thanks To Wimbledon Staff Stakes Wimbledon 480m Droopys Acrobat Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.02s
25/03/17 Last Ever Wimbledon Race (A2) Wimbledon 480m Glitzy King Brian Nicholls (Wimb) 29.99s
26/03/17 Queen Mother Memorial Cup Sheffield 660m Pointless Pearl Lawrence Tuffin (Notts) 39.42s
28/03/17 GTA Trainers' Championship Towcester varied winner Kevin Hutton (Towcester)  
04/04/17 BGBF Puppy Cup Sheffield 500m Geelo Monty Carl Perry (Sheffield) 29.12s
04/04/17 Molson Coors 3 Steps To Victory Sheffield 660m Geelo Sapphire Carl Perry (Sheffield) 38.86s
09/04/17 BGBF Sprint Henlow 277m Castell Henry Phil Simmonds (Romford) 16.43s
18/04/17 Tigerloanscompany Gold Cup Harlow 592m Rubys Razzle Mark Wallis (Towcester) 37.69s
22/04/17 Golden Crest Dash Poole 250m Only One Leemac Alma Keppie (Poole) 14.74s TR
22/04/17 Golden Crest Poole 450m Crossfield Giles Seamus Cahill (Hove) 26.27s
22/04/17 Golden Crest Marathon Poole 840m Tyrur Ashleigh David Merchant (Poole) 53.35s
25/04/17 Bresmed Northern Sprint Sheffield 280m Mashmad Eyebrows Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 16.09s
25/04/17 BresMed Las Vegas Offices Hurdle Sheffield 500m (H) Razldazl Raidio Ricky Holloway (CPark) 28.96s TR
25/04/17 BresMed Sheffield Bitches Stake Sheffield 500m Droopys Live Elaine Parker (Sheffield) 28.62
25/04/17 BresMed Manchester Offices Standard Sheffield 500m Tynwald Baz Laurence Tuffin (Notts) 28.53s
25/04/17 Greyhound Media Group Puppy Stakes Sheffield 500m Dropzone Elaine Parker (Sheffield) 28.57s
25/04/17 BresMed Netherlands Office Stayers Sheffield 660m Swift Hansel Anna Thompson (Notts) 39.00s
25/04/17 BresMed Ireland Offices Super Stayers Sheffield 720m Slick Sebastian Patrick Janssens (Towc) 43.06s
28/04/17 BGBF Puppy Oaks Romford 400m Tea For Tess Richard Devonish (Pbor) 24.10s
28/04/17 Matthews Plants Breeders Marathon Romford 750m Meadow John Mullins (Yarmouth) 48.37s
03/05/17 Coral Regency Final Hove 695m Tyrap Dragi Jason Heath (Hove) 41.94s
06/05/17 Droopys Roddick @ Stud Invitational Shawfield 300m Oakfront Swift Stephen Reid (Sfield) 17.96s
06/05/17 RPGTV SCOTTISH DERBY FINAL Shawfield 480m Dorotas Woo Hoo Charlie Lister OBE (Unatt) 28.75s
06/05/17 RPGTV Puppy Final Shawfield 480m The Other Reg Pat Rosney (Perry Barr) 28.91s
06/05/17 RPGTV 500 Trophy Final Shawfield 500m Maglass Razzle Carol Weatherall (PBarr) 30.12s
06/05/17 RPGTV Stayers Shawfield 670m Clodagh Princess Henry Young (Shawfield) 41.63s
16/05/17 Betfred Gymcrack Final Kinsley 462m Cometwopass Peter Cronin (IRE) 27.18s
27/05/17 Wilf Husband Memorial (A1) Newcastle 480m Ginas Lad Jimmy Fenwick (New) 28.60s
05/06/17 RPGTV Doncaster Trophy Doncaster 450m Burnfoot Dolly Darren Golightly (Donc) 28.33s
07/06/17 British Bred St Leger Central Park 642m Inch Forward Stuart Buckland (Mon) 39.90s
10/06/17 Ladbrokes Summer Trophy Crayford 740m Russelena Reggie Jason Bloomfield (Henlow) 45.29s
18/06/17 The Hesley Kennels Yorkshire Oaks Sheffield 500m Donation Heather Dimmock (Towc) 28.92s
20/06/17 STAR SPORTS DERBY 1st 1/4 FINAL Towcester 500m Clares Rocket Graham Holland (IRE) 28.99s
20/06/17 STAR SPORTS DERBY 2nd 1/4 FINAL Towcester 500m Swithins Brae Peter Cronin (IRE) 29.29s
20/06/17 STAR SPORTS DERBY 3rd 1/4 FINAL Towcester 500m Droopys Acrobat Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.02s
20/06/17 STAR SPORTS DERBY 4th 1/4 FINAL Towcester 500m Tyrur Shay PJ Fahy (IRE) 29.02s
24/06/17 STAR SPORTS DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL Towcester 500m Hiya Butt Haley Keightley (Unatt) 29.17s
24/06/17 STAR SPORTS DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL Towcester 500m Clares Rocket Graham Holland (IRE) 28.83s
24/06/17 Ladbrokes Summer 540 Trophy Crayford 540m Quivers Puma Katie O'Flaherty (Crayford) 33.85s
01/07/17 StarSports Derby Sprint Towcester 260m Toolmaker Rambo Paul Young (Romford) 15.30s
01/07/17 StarSports Derby 480 (8 dogs) Towcester 480m Bubbly Turbo Paul Young (Romford) 28.13s
01/07/17 Star Sports Champion Hurdle Towcester 480 (H) Ballymac Manix Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.17s
01/07/17 StarSports British Breds Final Towcester 500m Thinkingofdarcy John Mullins (Yarmouth) 29.24s
01/07/17 Star Sports Anglo-Irish Challenge Towcester 500m Bubbly Bluebird Paul Young (Romford) 29.00s
01/07/17 Star Sports Derby Plate Towcester 500m Dorotas Wildcat Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 28.90s
01/07/17 Mandy McCarthy Youngsters Towcester 500m Calico Ranger Carol Weatherall (PBarr) 29.12s
01/07/17 STAR SPORTS ENGLISH DERBY FINAL Towcester 500m Astute Missile Seamus Cahill (Hove) 28.92s
01/07/17 Star Sports Derby Invitation Towcester 500m Bruisers Bullet Mark Wallis (Towcester) 28.78s
01/07/17 StarSports Derby Bitches Stakes Towcester 500m Ballinakil Clare Graham Holland (IRE) 29.33s
01/07/17 StarSports Seniors Standard Towcester 500m Ballymac Mossyjoe Barrie Draper Sheffield) 29.69s
01/07/17 Star Sports Derby Stayers Towcester 686m Russelena Reggie Jason Bloomfield (Henlow) 40.97s
01/07/17 Star Sports Super Eight Stayers (8 dogs) Towcester 686m Goldies Seb Patrick Janssens (Towc) 41.76s
01/07/17 Star Sports Dorando Marathon (8 dogs) Towcester 906m Aayamza Breeze Mark Wallis (Towcester) 55.96s
10/07/17 Carlsberg Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m Ela Ela Genie Kevin Hutton (Towc) 17.66s
19/07/17 William Hill Festival Flyer Sunderland 261m Precisely Debbie Calvert (Sund) 15.84s
19/07/17 William Hill Puppy Plate Sunderland 450m Roxholme Nidge Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 26.83s
19/07/17 William Hill Classic Final Sunderland 450m Droopys Country Angela Harrison (Newc) 26.93s
19/07/17 William Hill Grand Prix Sunderland 645m Cloran Paddy Charlie Lister (Unatt) 39.72s
19/07/17 Tetleys Marathon Sunderland 828m Shellam Delano Angela Harrison (Newc) 52.20s
22/07/17 71st British Bred Produce Stakes Swindon 480m King Elvis Liz Mcnair (Unatt) 28.74s
26/07/17 Betfred Select Stakes Nottingham 500m Dorotas Wildcat Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 29.61s
26/07/17 Betfred Select Stayers Nottingham 730m Russelena Reggie Jason Bloomfield (Henlow) 44.13s
29/07/17 Last Ever Meeting (A1) Hall Green 480m Moynevilla West Richard Baker (HGreen) 28.73s
29/07/17 Owners Bonus Series (5) Final (A8) Hall Green 480m Westmead Gucci Gary Bakewell (HGreen) 30.10s
29/07/17 Owners Bonus Series (6) Final (A6) Hall Green 480m Threeeuroshort Gary Bakewell (HGreen) 29.33s
29/07/17 Owners Bonus Series (7) Final (A3) Hall Green 480m Queensland Star Gary Hodson (HGreen) 29.18s
29/07/17 Last Ever Race (A2) Hall Green 480m Bobs Black Cab Richard Baker (HGreen) 28.89s
03/08/17 Coral Sprint Trophy Hove 285m Walk The Talk Patrick Janssens (Towc) 16.28s
03/08/17 Barnfield On Air Memorial Trophy Hove 515m Shaneboy Russell Liz McNair (Unatt) 30.34s
03/08/17 Coral Puppy Trophy Hove 515m Sporting Dave Seamus Cahill (Hove) 30.01s
03/08/17 Team Cahill Derby Champions Trophy Hove 515m Cork Falcon Seamus Cahill (Hove) 30.19s
03/08/17 Coral Ladies Trophy Hove 515m Inislosky Mull Doreen Walsh (Hove) 30.32s
03/08/17 Coral Sussex Cup Hove 515m Shaneboy Freddie Heather Dimmock (Towc) 29.94s
03/08/17 Get Rewarded With Connect Trophy Hove 740m Karlow Turbo Seamus Cahill (Hove) 44.66s
03/08/17 Download Coral App Store Trophy Hove 930m Clares Kyletaun June Harvey (Swindon) 57.47s
05/08/17 Ladbrokes Kent National Hurdle Crayford 380m (H) Ballymac Leo David Mullins (Romford) 23.66s
09/08/17 Bud Light East Anglian Challenge Yarmouth 462m Liam Og Paul Crowson (Unatt) 29.35s
17/08/17 Ladbrokes Gold Cup Monmore 480m Droopys Buick Angela Harrison (Newc) 27.63s
17/08/17 Gentleman George Curtis Trafalgar Cup Monmore 480m King Elvis Liz McNair (Unatt) 27.96s
17/08/17 Ladbrokes Summer Stayers Classic Monmore 630m Buckos Lass Corren Price (Monmore) 38.00s
19/08/17 Ladbrokes Summer Maiden Trophy Crayford 540m Early Ball Barry O'Sullivan (Cray) 33.71s
23/08/17 William Hill Bitches Trophy Peterborough 435m Milady De Winter S Newbury (Perry Barr) 25.94s
23/08/17 William Hill Peterborough Derby Peterborough 435m Hiya Butt Haley Keightley (Unatt) 25.77s
23/08/17 William Hill British Bred Peterborough 435m Roxholme Wil Iam Haley Keightley (Unatt) 25.98s
23/08/17 William Hill Seniors Peterborough 435m Kilara Razz David Pruhs (Pbrgh) 25.94s
23/08/17 William Hill Stayers Peterborough 620m Master Kelly Heather Kemp (Towc) 38.15s
23/08/17 William Hill Marathon Peterborough 805m Dark Crystal Sandra Clayton (Ymth) 50.92s
26/08/17 Lowther Stakes (Bitches) Towcester 500m Crossfield Molly Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.45s
28/08/17 Greyhound Media Group Puppy Classic Nottingham 500m Wildfire Lord Paul Young (Romford) 29.66s
30/08/17 Champions Night Bitches Final Romford 400m Wildfire Blossom Paul Young (Romford) 24.20s
30/08/17 Champions Night Puppy Standard Final Romford 400m Wuheida Phillip Simmonds (Rom) 24.12s
30/08/17 Coral Champion Stakes Final Romford 575m Murrays Act Kevin Boon (Yarmouth) 35.15s
30/08/17 Champions Night Maiden Stayers Final Romford 575m Mayshighlandreel Martyn Wiley (Romford)) 35.22s
30/08/17 Champions Night Marathon Romford 750m Graigues Loch Kevin Boon (Towcester) 47.01s
02/09/17 Greyhound Welfare Graded Derby Final Towcester 480m Chantilly Lass Roger Yeates (Towc) 28.53s
05/09/17 Betfred Steel City Cup Sheffield 500m Tynwald Baz Laurence Tuffin (Notts) 28.79s
05/09/17 The George Carrigill Memorial Race Final Sheffield 660m Droopys Live Elaine Parker (Sheffield) 38.62s
13/09/17 BGBF Oaks Doncaster 483m Burnfoot Dolly Darren Golightly (Donc) 29.55s
13/09/17 SIS Yorkshire St Leger Doncaster 661m Keplar Nine Charlie Lister (Unatt) 41.36s
21/09/17 Greene King IPA Sprint Yarmouth 277m Broadstand kiwi Paul Young (Romford) 16.19s
21/09/17 Sunbets 71st East Anglian Derby Yarmouth 462m Newinn Shadow Charlie Lister (Unatt) 27.23s
21/09/17 Derby Purse - Grand Final Yarmouth 659m Woodholdthedoor Stewart Pedder (Henlow) 40.38s
21/09/17 Sunbets East Anglian Derby Marathon Yarmouth 843m Meadow John Mullins (Yarmouth) 53.42s
26/09/17 Ladbrokes Guys & Dolls Crayford 380m Pure Placere Arron Green (Crayford) 23.09s
26/09/17 Ladbrokes Gold Collar Crayford 540m Mayshighlandreel Martyn Wiley (Romford) 33.09s TR
26/09/17 Ladbrokes Kent Cesarewitch Crayford 874m Slippy Maska Hazel Kemp (Towcester) 56.06s
29/09/17 Puppy Cup Romford 400m Roxholme Nidge Haley Keightley (Unatt) 23.70s
01/10/17 Front Runner TV Seniors Cup Final Henlow 460m Calco Flyer Mark Wallis (Towc) 27.72s
03/10/17 John Smith's Kent Derby Central Park 480m Bockos Alfie Patrick Janssens (Towc) 28.84s
03/10/17 John Smith's Grand National Central Park 480m (H) Razldazl Raidio Ricky Holloway (CPark) 29.61s
03/10/17 Cearnsports 20th Anniversary Stakes Central Park 500m King Eden Liz McNair (Unatt) 29.46s TR
19/10/17 William Hill All England Cup Newcastle 480m Droopys Expert Angela Harrison (Newc) 28.10s
19/10/17 William Hill Northern Puppy Derby Newcastle 480m Droopys Zephyr Angela Harrison (Newc) 28.50s
19/10/17 William Hill Angel Of The North Oaks Newcastle 480m Geelo Zip Carl Perry (Sheffield) 28.42s
19/10/17 William Hill Great North Run Newcastle 670m Shellam Delano Angela Harrison (Newc) 40.59s
21/10/17 BAPP Group Scurry Cup Belle Vue 260m Roxholme Hat Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 14.82s
21/10/17 BAPP Group Northern Flat Championship Belle Vue 470m Dropzone Elaine Parker (Sheffield) 28.10s
24/10/17 BGBF Breeders Stakes Nottingham 500m Candlelight Fire Elaine Parker (Sheffield) 29.70s
28/10/17 S & D Bookmakers Sprint Trophy Peterborough 250m Tullymurry Sid Richard York (Pbor) 15.05s
28/10/17 Allan Speechley Fengate Collar Peterborough 435m Affane Party John Lamb (Perry Barr) 25.74s
28/10/17 S & D Stayers Trophy Peterborough 620m Ballymac Eliza Richard Devenish (Pbor) 38.03s TR
29/10/17 RPGTV Henlow Derby Henlow 460m King Elvis Liz McNair (Unatt) 27.11s
08/11/17 William Hill St Leger Perry Barr 710m Rubys Rascal Mark Wallis (Towcester) 42.99s
09/11/17 Coral Brighton Belle Hove 515m Away Shelly Matt Dartnall (Towcester) 29.85s
15/11/17 ECC Timber Puppy Derby Towcester 480m Magical Bale Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 29.10s
21/11/17 Betfred Eclipse Stakes Nottingham 500m Bubbly Bluebird Paul Young (Romford) 29.62s
28/11/17 Ballymac Eske @ Stud Stakes Final Towcester 686m Creative Thinker Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 41.99s
29/11/17 Servoca Nursing & Care British Bred Derby Towcester 500m King Elvis Liz McNair (Unatt) 29.46s
29/11/17 StarSports Shootout Towcester 500m Doratas Wildcat Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 29.06s
29/11/17 Colossus Bets TV Trophy Towcester 906m Goldies Hotspur Patrick Janssens (Towc) 55.45s
07/12/17 Jimmy Jupp National Hurdle Hove 515m (H) Razldazl Raidio Ricky Holloway (CPark) 30.59s
07/12/17 Ballyregan Bob Memorial Hove 695m Clares Kyletaun June Harvey (Unatt) 41.72s
09/12/17 Jay & Kay Coach Tours Kent St Leger Crayford 714m Maireads Ivy Derek Knight (Hove) 45.28s
13/12/17 Greyhound Media Oaks Final Belle Vue 470m Wuheida Phil Simmonds (Rom) 28.74s
14/12/17 Coral Sussex Puppy Trophy Hove 515m Droopys Nirvana Seamus Cahill (Hove) 30.21s
16/12/17 O'Tooles Boxing Health Byker Laurels Newcastle 480m The Other Reg Pat Rosney (Perry Barr) 28.38s
18/12/17 Stadium Bookmakers National Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m Queen Anna Liz McNair (Unatt) 17.83s
19/12/17 Ryan Holmes Puppy Cup Sheffield 500m Droopys Zephyr Angela Harrison (Newc) 29.02s
19/12/17 Harry Holmes Memorial Sheffield 500m Doratas Vic Charlie Lister (Unatt) 28.66s
26/12/17 60th Championship Grand Final (A1) Yarmouth 462m Oh Yesyesyes John Mullins (Yarmouth) 28.19s
26/12/17 Boxing Day Chase Central Park 480m (H) Razldazl Raidio Ricky Holloway (CPark) 29.52s
26/12/17 Carlsberg Boxing Day Marathon Crayford 874m Maireads Ivy Derek Knight (Hove) 56.67s
28/12/17 Mossvale Ace Memorial Trophy Hove 695m Rubys Rascal Mark Wallis (Towc) 42.01s
28/12/17 Coral Greyhound Olympic Final Hove 515m Bruisers Bullet Mark Wallis (Towc) 29.90s

2017 Irish Greyhound Results

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
28/01/17 The Bookmaker's Graders Derby (A4) Mullingar 525y Clydal Rockey Thomas Clyne 29.98s
29/01/17 Red Mills & T.S.C. Open Unraced Stake Clonmel Festival 525y Higher Level Paula Heffernan 29.09s
29/01/17 Suirview Kennels A0/A1 Open Bitch Stake Clonmel 525y Mustang Vienna Sean Bourke 28.89s
29/01/17 Sporting Press A1/A2 Stake Final Clonmel 550y Five Alley Pop Paul Hogan 30.09s
29/01/17 Greyhound Shop A3/A4 Guys & Dolls Final Clonmel 525y Tanami Sand Vincent Morris 29.09s
04/02/17 Dublin Coach A3 Final Limerick 525y Fancy Nancy Aine Murphy 28.99s
11/02/17 Gain Cup (A1) Curraheen Park 525y Ballymac Scala Liam Dowling 28.64s
18/02/17 A. McLean Bookmakers A2/A3 Final Lifford 525y Central Cloud Brendan Duffy 28.83s
18/02/17 Track Bookmakers A4/5 Tri-Distance Final Lifford 600y Conlig Belle RTS Syndicate 33.17s
25/02/17 Yahoo Kennels Open 730 Waterford 730y Cahan Tower Tony Grassick 40.76s
03/03/17 Insurances Juvenile Classic Final Tralee 525y Paradise Marco Sean Meade 29.20s
04/03/17 Greyhound & Petworld Supersprint Final Curraheen Park 330y Aulton Jet Michael Enright 17.48s
04/03/17 Red Mills/TSC Champion Bitch Stake Thurles Park 525y Emers Twirl JJ Dunne 28.97s
06/03/17 Longford Stayers Night A4 Novice 805 Longford 736m Deanmill Snowy Bobby Scullion (NI) 45.70s
06/03/17 Longford Stayers Night 805 Longford 736m Lemon Lyric James Robinson 45.80s
06/03/17 Longford Stayers Night 805 Longford 736m Dunham Roxy Martin McAliskey (NI) 45.59s
24/03/17 Red Mills / NTSC Open Unraced Bitch Final Newbridge 525y Marians Dream Brendan Frayne 28.91s
01/04/17 Sword Security Treaty Cup Limerick 350y Factotem Boy Pat Buckley 18.68s
01/04/17 Novice Open Unraced Dundalk 525y Dream Dude Oliver Bray 28.39s
07/04/17 Superior Product@Stud (A3) Final Kilkenny 525y Berkey Martin Leahy 29.08s
07/04/17 FFK Sires McCalmont Cup (A1) Kilkenny 525y Karlow Crean WKC Syndicate 29.08s
08/04/17 Pat Hennerty Sales Cork Oaks Curraheen Park 525y Crafty Trivago Brian Divily 28.32s
08/04/17 Folyns Electrical Open 350 Limerick 350y Ballymac Fidora Liam Dowling 18.70s
08/04/17 Roma Casino Open 525 Limerick 525y Gulleen Billy Tim Gilbourne 28.35s
08/04/17 Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Stake Limerick 525y Bentekes Bocko Pat Buckley 28.39s
08/04/17 Michael Tobin Memorial (A2) Limerick 525y Riverside Chip Graham Holland 28.65s
08/04/17 ABS Engineering Open 800 Limerick 800y Jaytee Patriot Paul Hennessy 44.66s
08/04/17 Wallace & Murray Cesarewitch Final Mullingar 600y Vivaro Swift Ken Busteed 33.27s
21/04/17 Kasco Puppy Supreme Stakes Tralee 525y Sporting Sky Jerry Griffin 29.39s
21/04/17 John & Mary Killeacle Dowling Memorial Tralee 570y Sellout Magic Peter Connolly 30.97s
22/04/17 Paddy & Eamon Carrol Memorial (A1) Dundalk 620y Jaytee Angel Paul Hennessy 33.83s
29/04/17 Limerick Oaks Limerick 525y Ardrahan Zindi Graham Holland 28.45s
05/05/17 T.P. Weadick Life Pensions Open 725 Kilkenny 725y Droopys Smasher Pat Buckley 40.75s
13/05/17 Riverside Oscar Open 525 Curraheen Park 525y Toker Forest Philip Lynch 28.11s
19/05/17 Gain Dog Food/NTSC (A1/A2) Newbridge 550y Kylehill Straus Ray Dowling 30.12s
20/05/17 Lee Strand 550 (Confined) Tralee 550y Millroad McCoy Johnny O'Sullivan 29.90s
21/05/17 BIF Produce Stakes Clonmel 525y Clonbrien Hero Graham Holland 28.22s
27/05/17 Greyhound & Petworld Golden Muzzle Limerick 550y Good News Pat Guilfoyle 29.56s
27/05/17 Peter Magnone Memorial (A3) Limerick 525y Tyrur Minister John McDonagh 28.82s
28/05/17 Red Mills Champion Open Unraced Kilkenny 525y Javeilenko Pat Buckley 29.03s
02/06/17 Dundalk Stadium Open 550 Dundalk 550y Ballymac Galway John McGee 29.99s
10/06/17 Barry's Tea Open 750 Curraheen Park 750y Airmount Tess Gerald Kiely 41.12s
16/06/17 Kerry GAA Supporters Race Of Champions Tralee 550y Killinan Rosie Pat Buckley 29.62s
16/06/17 Kerry Group Club Championship Tralee 525y Right Half Back Ger Dowling 28.40s
16/06/17 Dundalk Stadium Open 400 Final Dundalk 400y Ballymac Bigmike Robert Gleeson 21.17s
26/06/17 Droopys Stud Champion Stakes (A1) Youghal 525y Wagga Sky John Kenny 28.94s
30/06/17 H Wallace & F Murray Longford Derby Longford 550y Droopys Arietta Robert Gleeson 29.74s
07/07/17 Kerry Group Hospital Sweepstake (A2) Tralee 525y Misty Supreme John Houlihan 28.42s
08/07/17 Crokers Champ @ Stud Open Unraced Waterford 525y Drive On Mike Peter Sutcliffe 28.11s
09/07/17 Connolly's Red Mills Cup Kilkenny 525y Berkey Martin 'Murt' Leahy 29.07s
12/07/17 Racing Post Dundalk International Dundalk 550y Jaytee Jet Paul Hennessy 30.01s
12/07/17 Stauntonofficesupplies Open 900 Dundalk 900y Droopys Smasher Paul Hennessy 50.11s
15/07/17 Kasco Dog Foods/TSC Open Novice Stake Thurles Park 525y Dignified James Broderick 28.59s
22/07/17 Shelbourne Champion 550 Final Shelbourne Park 550y Native Chimes Johnny O'Sullivan 29.61s
22/07/17 Jerry Hennerty Memorial Unraced Final Curraheen Park 525y Newlawn Donal Tom O'Neil 28.99s
22/07/17 Irish Independent Laurels Curraheen Park 525y Clonbrien Hero Graham Holland 28.00s
23/07/17 Michael Kennedy Snr Memorial Unraced Clonmel 525y Mohane Duchess Master Cormac Davern 29.05s
28/07/17 The Gain Dog Nutrition Corn Cuchulainn Shelbourne Park 750y Airmount Tess Ger Kiely 41.80s
29/07/17 Distance Racing @ Lmk Tri-Distance Final Limerick 600y Buttsys Boy Stephen Murray 32.83s
03/08/17 James Horan Memorial A3/4 Final Galway (Festival) 525y Latest Gossip Miss Finola Richardson 29.28s
03/08/17 Flaherty Markets Corrib Plate (A6) Galway 525y Obair Deanta Patrick Norris 28.94s
04/08/17 The HRX Puppy Oaks Shelbourne Park 550y Monrose Marie McGrath 28.69s
05/08/17 Boylesports A1/A2 Final Shelbourne Park 525y Mustang Vienna Peter Cronin 28.51s
05/08/17 Boylesports Champion Stakes Shelbourne Park 550y Jaytee Yankee Paul Hennessy 29.58s
07/08/17 FFK Sires Southern Oaks Final Youghal 525y Droopys Harbour John Linehan 28.68s
12/08/17 Fresh Milk Tipperary Cup Thurles Park 525y Crohane Ronnie Declan Byrne 28.68s
15/08/17 Speedrite Dog Food Rose Of Tralee (A4) Tralee 525y Black Agenda Brendan Begley 28.77s
18/08/17 Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Dundalk 400y Heisman Lawrence Jones 20.96s
19/08/17 Connollys Red Mills Unraced Curraheen Park 525y Holycross Lad Owen McKenna 28.22s
21/08/17 Oceanfeed Greyhound Open Unraced Enniscorthy 480y Forest Bee Patrick Kehoe 29.22s
27/08/17 T.S.C. Past Members A3 Final Kilkenny 525y Clonduff Jet Breda Quirke 29.17s
27/08/17 Paddy Dunphy Memorial A1/A2 Final Kilkenny 525y Dutch Dream 'Murt' Leahy 29.07s
08/09/17 The Dublin Cup (A4) Final Shelbourne Park 520y Oldavysdog Michael Meade 28.99s
09/09/17 Cambridgeshire Open Limerick 750y Searchforahero Ger Dowling 42.11s
09/09/17 Noel Ryan Tree Surgeon Munster Oaks Waterford 525y College Jade Shanks Wellan 28.50s
09/09/17 Casey's Caravans Open Unraced Final Waterford 525y Chapel Road Michael O'Donovan 28.80s
09/09/17 Greyhound & Petworld A1 Stake Curraheen Park 525y Tucker Folly Paul Hennessy 28.76s
09/09/17 Peter Magnone Memorial (A3) Curraheen Park 525y Rockybay Foley Kieran Lynch 28.70s
09/09/17 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 1) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Sonic Graham Holland 29.61s
09/09/17 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 2) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Native Chimes Johnny O'Sullivan 29.44s
09/09/17 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 3) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Black Farren Graham Holland 29.68s
09/09/17 BOYLESPORTS DERBY (Heat 4) 1/4 FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Good News Pat Guilfoyle 29.59s
15/09/17 Texacloth Juvenile Derby Newbridge 525y Man Twenty One Brendan Maunsell 28.37s
16/09/17 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Black Farren Graham Holland 29.63s
16/09/17 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Good News Pat Guilfoyle 29.49s
22/09/17 Ocean Feed Greyhound A3 Final Kilkenny 525y Optimistic Misty Thomas Buggy 29.44s
22/09/17 Langton Derby A1 Final Kilkenny 525y Hey Rebellion Karol Ramsbottom 29.06s
23/09/17 Ned Quinn Memorial A2 (No B/G) Final Limerick 525y Rosden Mat Master Matthew Herlihy 28.99s
23/09/17 Limerick & Clare GOBA A3 Final Limerick 525y Trail Blazer Pat Guilfoyle 28.60s
23/09/17 Bermingham/Dolan/Hooper A1 600 Final Limerick 600y Lassa Exquisite Michael Costello 32.76s
23/09/17 2017 BOYLESPORTS IRISH DERBY FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Good News Pat 'Paddy' Guilfoyle 29.37s
23/09/17 Boylesports Irish Derby Plate Final Shelbourne Park 550y Cometwopass Peter Cronin 29.97s
20/10/17 Dublin Coach Juvenile Derby Shelbourne Park 525y Skywalker Rafa Michael O'Donovan 28.40s
21/10/17 Sporting Press A1/A2 Final Shelbourne Park 525y Fantasy Lane Top-Benefit-Synd 29.08s
21/10/17 Sporting Press Micro Dog ID Consolation Shelbourne Park 525y Jumeirah Storm Jimmy Buckley 28.68s
21/10/17 Sporting Press Micro Dog ID Oaks Final Shelbourne Park 525y Forest Natalee Martin Lanney 28.37s
21/10/17 Agri Stores Fair Warrior Sprint Mullingar 400y Junior Jet Tim O'Flaherty 21.43s
27/10/17 Gain Dog Nutrition (A3) Final Kilkenny 525y Barefoot Banker Paul Hennessy 29.11s
27/10/17 Rising Unraced Stake Final Youghal 525y Churchtown Vic Denis Fitzgerald 29.15s
29/10/17 Red Mills Future Champion Unraced Enniscorthy 525y Burgess Brandy Sheila Spillane 29.15s
29/10/17 Vimmerby @ Stud Consolation Enniscorthy 525y Piercestown Lord Brendan Murphy 29.36s
04/11/17 Shelley Fennelly Memorial Open Bitch Final Curraheen Park 525y Jumeirah Rolls Gerry Holian 28.31s
04/11/17 Tennents Gold Cup Drumbo Park 525y Stefans Wee Bro Aidan McVeigh (NI) 28.58s
04/11/17 Kerry Group Open Unraced Final Limerick 525y Lemon Shane Tom Lennon 28.53s
04/11/17 Kerry Agri-Business St Leger Final Limerick 550y Clonbrien Hero Graham Holland 29.60s
10/11/17 Michael Fitzpatrick Memorial Oaks Newbridge 525y Down The Green John 'Ginger' McGee 28.77s
11/11/17 Follow Us On Facebook (A1/A2) Final Shelbourne Park 525y Barefoot Banker Paul Hennessy 28.94s
11/11/17 The Boylesports Open 525 (A0) Final Shelbourne Park 525y Droopys King Ian Reilly 28.67s
11/11/17 Greyhounds as Pets Open Unraced Final Waterford 550y Droopys Ant John Linehan 28.53s
11/11/17 Gain Dog Nutrition Select Stakes Waterford 525y Lughill Robbie Graham Holland 28.56s
12/11/17 Larry O'Rourke Munster Juvenile Cup Clonmel 525y Collarhouse Gerry Owen McKenna 28.83s
17/11/17 The Two Wheel Training Mini-Open Final Curraheen Park 525y Titus Spirit Francis Murray 28.50s
17/11/17 The Curraheen Park (A3) Final Curraheen Park 525y Glanmire Dylan Pat Kiely 28.59s
17/11/17 The Mary Ramsbottom Memorial Final Kilkenny 525y Sober Java Thomas Kerrigan 29.09s
17/11/17 Droopys Nidge @ Stud (A1/A2) Final Kilkenny 525y Bull Marker Pat Maloney 29.33s
17/11/17 Paddy and Mick Glennon Memorial (A4) Final Longford 570y Clydal Amy Tommy Clyne 31.24s
18/11/17 Ted Hegarty Night Of Stars Open 350 Shelbourne Park 350y Butterbridge Bex Kieran Lynch 18.65s
18/11/17 Irish Greyhound Review Open 525 Shelbourne Park 525y Rockybay Foley Kieran Lynch 28.38s
18/11/17 Gain Puppy and Sapling Open Bitch 525 Shelbourne Park 525y Ballymac Meena Liam Dowling 28.67s
18/11/17 Gain Puppy and Sapling Open Dog 525 Shelbourne Park 525y Pennylane Masara Pat Buckley 28.47s
18/11/17 Droopys Roddick Night Of Stars Open Bitch Shelbourne Park 525y Droopys Harbour John Linehan 28.36s
18/11/17 BIF Night Of Stars Open Dog Shelbourne Park 525y Droopys Noah John Linehan 28.36s
18/11/17 Greyhound and Petworld Open 550 Shelbourne Park 525y Bakery Lane Oliver Bray 29.80s
18/11/17 Boylesports Night Of Stars Open 550 Shelbourne Park 550y Clonbrien Hero Graham Holland 29.62s
18/11/17 The Priory Walls Of Kilgowan Open 575 Shelbourne Park 575y Allen Tank Owen McKenna 31.43s
18/11/17 Droopys Nidge Night Of Stars Open 575 Shelbourne Park 575y Maireads Spring Fraser Black 31.17s
18/11/16 Track Bookmakers Night Of Stars Open 600 Shelbourne Park 600y Sonic Graham Holland 32.41s
18/11/17 Night Of Stars Open 750 Shelbourne Park 750y Searchforahero Marie Gilbert 41.91s
18/11/17 Night Of Stars Open 850 Shelbourne Park 850y Ballykett Beauty Gary Loughnane 47.82s
01/12/17 Red Mills Unraced Bitch Stake Tralee 525y Crossfield Liz Brendan O'Shea 29.13s
08/12/17 Kereight King @ Stud (A5/A6) Sweepstake Enniscorthy 525y Faypoint Lisa Noel Walker 29.53s
09/12/17 Christmas Parties A3/A4 Bitch Stake Curraheen Park 525y Laravoulta Hawk Mary O'Sullivan 28.92s
09/12/17 Comerford Cakes Open 525 Final Shelbourne Park 525y Frisky Luck Gerry Melia 28.46s
14/12/17 Try a Trio Maiden A4/A5 Final Shelbourne Park 525y Highview Daisy Dolores Merriman 29.26s
14/12/17 Gain Feeds A3 Final Shelbourne Park 525y Ballbough Lass Martin 'Murt' Leahy 29.46s
15/12/17 The Gold Collar Shelbourne Park 550y Whoops Jack Peter Cronin 29.98s
15/12/17 The Speedrite Open Unraced Stake Enniscorthy 525y Uncle Wexford James Robinson 29.01s
16/12/17 Greyhound & Petworld Irish Grand National Curraheen Park 525y (H) Offshore Bound Patrick Fitzgerald 28.87s
18/12/17 Gain Southern Sprint Final Youghal 325y Butterbridge Bex Kieran Lynch 17.43s
22/12/17 O'Learys Driving School Open 575 Curraheen Park 575y Droopys Dargle Pat Buckley 31.13s
22/12/17 T Nolan CVRT Test Centre Kingdom Derby Tralee 525y Holycross Lad Owen McKenna 28.59s
22/12/17 Best Car Parks Marathon Shelbourne Park 1025y Jaytee Patriot Paul Hennessy 58.62s TR
23/12/17 Gain Nutrition Christmas Oaks Shelbourne Park 525y Mrs Chippy Barney Mooney (NI) 28.29s
31/12/17 Boylesports Open 550 Shelbourne Park 550y Black Eyed Peppa Michael O'Donovan 29.92s

Disclaimer: All race dates and information are subject to alterations and changes. Therefore no liability is taken in the accuracy of this results page.