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English Track Circumferences, Hare Types and Surfaces

Track Circumference Hare Type Surface
Belle Vue - Manchester, (Lancashire) - Track Closed 01/08/20 395m Outside Swaffam Sand
Brighton & Hove - (East Sussex) 455m Outside Swaffam Sand
Catford - (South East London) - Track Closed 05/11/03 333m Outside Swaffam Sand
Central Park - Sittingbourne, (Kent) - *New Track measurements 02/07/23 454m *(443m old track) Outside Swaffam Sand
Coventry - Brandon, (West Midlands) - Track Closed 16/01/16 409m Outside Sealey Sand
Crayford - (Kent) 334m Outside Swaffam Sand
Doncaster - (South Yorkshire) 438m Outside Fannon/Swaffam Sand
Hall Green - Birmingham, (West Midlands) - Track Closed 29/07/17 412m Outside Swaffam/McGee Sand
Harlow - (Essex) 354m Outside Bramich Sand
Henlow - (Bedfordshire) - Track Closed 21/01/24 410m Outside Swaffam Sand
Hull - (East Yorkshire) - Track Closed 27/06/09 387m Outside Fannon/Swaffam Sand
Kinsley - (West Yorkshire) 385m Outside Swaffam Sand
Monmore Green - (West Midlands) 419m Outside Swaffam Sand
Nottingham - (Nottinghamshire) 437m Outside Swaffam/McGee Sand
Newcastle - (Tyne & Wear) 415m Outside Swaffam Sand
Oxford - (Oxfordshire) - Track Re-opened 02/09/22 397m *(395m old track) Outside Swaffam Sand
Pelaw Grange - (County Durham) 345m Outside McGee Sand
Perry Barr - Birmingham, (West Midlands) 435m Outside Sumner Sand
Peterborough - (Cambridgeshire) - Track Closed 19/05/20 370m Outside Swaffam Sand
Poole - (Dorset) - Track Closed 22/09/20 400m Outside Swaffam Sand
Portsmouth - (Hampshire) - Track Closed 27/03/10 354m Outside Swaffam Sand
Powderhall - Edinburgh (Scotland) - Track Closed 1995 409m Outside McGee Sand
Reading - (Berkshire) - Track Closed 18/10/08 385m Outside Swaffam/McGee Sand
Romford - (Essex) 350m Outside Swaffam Sand
Rye House - (Hertfordshire) - Track Closed 05/11/06 389m Outside Swaffam/McGee Sand
Shawfield - Glasgow (Scotland) - Track Closed 19/03/20 432m Outside Swaffam Sand
Sheffield - (South Yorkshire) 425m Outside Swaffam Sand
Slough - Berkshire (London) - Track Closed 21/03/1987 355m Inside Sumner Sand
Suffolk Downs - (Suffolk) - Track Re-opened 08/02/22 328m *(325m old track) Outside Swaffam Sand
Sunderland - (Tyne & Wear) 378m Outside McGee Sand
Swindon - (Wiltshire) - *New layout and distances introduced 14/08/19 420m Outside Swaffam/McGee Sand
Towcester - (Northamptonshire) - Track Re-opened 14/06/20 442m *(426m old track) Outside Swaffam Sand
Walthamstow - (North London) - Track Closed 16/08/08 405m Outside Swaffam Sand
Wembley - (North London) - Track Closed 18/12/98 435m Outside McGee Sand
White City - (West London) - Track Closed 22/09/84 462m Outside McGee Grass
Wimbledon - (South London) - Track Closed 25/03/17 414m Outside Swaffam Sand
Yarmouth - (Norfolk) 382m Outside Swaffam Sand
Ystrad Mynach 'The Valley' - (South Wales) - Track Re-opened 03/11/23 385m Outside Swaffam/McGee Sand

Disclaimer: All greyhound track information is subject to amendments and changes, therefore no liability is taken in the accuracy of the data provided.